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Crumpled Roses - VIDEO

A little over a year ago when I was stuck on a "C" pattern for my A-Z journal, I created Crumpled Roses (see the original post here) - at the time I had a lot going on so I just made a little instagram video to illustrate how to draw these roses. I've always intended to put together a full version one day so that I could share it on Youtube, too. Well, today is that day :)

So, here you go.....Crumpled Roses.......please overlook my voice - I am struggling with getting asthma under control right now, (probably due to the change in seasons).

I had a few emails from people who could not see the previous videos in their email feed - I have no idea why that happens as I don't do anything different at this end - something to do with Feedburner, I guess, so...........if you cannot view this video, please click here to view the post on the website.

Have a great day!


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