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String Grid

When experimenting with a randomised version of Hearts and Diamonds Tangle Pattern earlier in the week, well, it didn't work out all that great so instead I came up with a string grid idea that I had a lot of fun playing around with (silver linings.......yay!)
I think of this as a process rather than a pattern. It creates a good starting point to generate different results depending on your lines, fill, etc. 
First, the finished result: This process creates an informal grid to which I add petal shapes. Here's how:
1. Draw a swirly line.
2. draw a second swirly line back and forth over first line creating (sort of) right angles where the lines intersect. 3. add a placement mark (shown here as red dots) at every second intersection. 4. Draw the third line, threading it through the intersections. 5. Draw the final fourth line threading through any big gaps at the intersections. 6. Draw petals at marked positions. ALTERNATIVE FILL OPTIONS:
Try changing the "petal" shape…