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Olipze Tangle Pattern - How I would draw this VIDEO

Hey, all! Thank you very much for all the well-wishes - you're the best! I'm doing very well with my physio, I am walking 6km 5-6 times a week, have a new pillow and am on the search for a new mattress. I'm feeling really good.

Today I've got another "how I would draw this" video. This pattern, Olipze, came up in conversation on my Facebook page when I was on the hunt for challenging patterns. Olipze is created by Jody Genovese, and you can view the step out here.

I have to admit, I found this one pretty challenging as there is no starting grid or framework so the initial placement and spacing is guesswork. Once I got the basic pattern worked out I tried to create a "wonky" version and, was hard to do. I needed to create a framework of lines that were later erased and ended up drawing it on my ipad.

Here's the video showing the basic pattern:

Here's my "wonky" drawing:
Have a great day!


  1. Was trying to get this down on Saturday at a Zen Group and I just hated (strongly disliked) this
    tangle until I saw your video. It now totally makes sense to me and I guess it will find it's way onto my draw list after all. Your wonky pattern is quite ZENTASTIC - love the shading. It really adds to the design. Thank you so much for sharing and am so happy that you are on the mend.

    1. Thank you :) It's definitely a challenging one, Sherri. I found that getting the right spacing to fit everything in is the hardest part. Hope you give it another go! Helen

  2. As usual you do make things easy. When I tried this, I gave up just trying to set it up, it was awful. Told myself, forget this one and did until I saw your video. Haven't been on much lately and sad to see that you have reason to be on the mend? So sorry, but just from the years of following you, you are physically fit and any mending is helped by that, right? Thanks so much for all your beautiful ZENtangles. Keep taking care of yourself and I look forward to another great video.


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