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Apacore and a tale of bad posture......

Hello! I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post. First up, here's a drawing share - using the Apacore tangle pattern which was almost complete when I was forced to put a stop to my drawing activities - I finished it up yesterday.
So, why the long break between posts? If you follow A Little Lime on Facebook you'll know I've been having some shoulder issues. If not, well, let me fill you in........

Since I was a kid, from time to time I have gotten a stiff neck and shoulder which I always put down to sleeping badly, but back in 2016 when I returned to study I spent too many hours in front of the computer doing online courses which probably would've been o.k. except for the fact that I spent that time sitting, likely twisted, with my legs crossed and chin in hand. After about 3 days I had a really stiff neck, and walked around like a robot for about a week. Since then I've had continual flare ups in my neck and shoulder, especially when I spend too much time at the computer or hunched over drawing. John and I have been fondly calling it my "study injury" - hahaha - oh, the irony that after years of competitive sport a serious bout of studying would be the thing to bring me down.

Anyway, whilst John was away I spent far too much time at my desk and when he returned I had such a bad flare up that I couldn't move my right shoulder/arm. I was in so much pain not only from the injury itself, but from the horror of having to look at myself as John had to put up my hair each day - he is not a man who has been to "ponytail school". I was finally motivated to do something about it and, yes, I probably should've done it years ago.....but.....I've been busy, and I just don't like going to the doctor. 

So, long story short........a few doctor visits, an ultrasound and a trip to the physiotherapist later: I have some issues; most of which the physio feels are related to my neck and I'm pretty optimistic that with some changes to how I do things, the amount of time I spend doing them and about 9 months of physio, I should have a good outcome by improving my posture and rebuilding my tatty tendons. Some of the problems cannot be repaired with physio, but as long as I can get to the point where I (hopefully) do not have pain or flareups I'll be happy as I would desperately like to avoid either cortisone injections or surgery in the future so I am very motivated to make it work :)

Interestingly, I also found out that I am hyper-flexible. I always thought flexibility was a good thing as I can fold myself in half and put my hands on the floor at the drop of a hat.....but apparently..........not so much. I'm now a little scared to go back to doing yoga.

I am back to drawing and am now the proud owner of a standing desk for the computer and am using my drafting desk so I can stand when drawing. I have to avoid long stints computer-ing or drawing (no slovenly sitting down or 8 hour binge-drawing sessions for me!) This whole "balance" thing does not really suit my natural obsessive tendencies and will slow up my production and posting a bit as I get used to the new regime.

On the plus side, whilst I couldn't draw or brush my hair, I could walk! I've been doing a 6km uphill walk most mornings (John drops me off on his way to work and I find my way back home......very "Hansel and Gretel") I have it down to 53 minutes which, due to the steep incline of some sections I'm pretty excited about! Next week I'll probably up it to 7km.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. YIPES. Been there, done that. Frozen shoulder? Congrats on your progress Helen. And as usual, I like your rendition of Apalcore!

    1. Hi Ann! Thank you :) I had fun playing with Apacore :) Yep, I have had a few instances of frozen shoulder, but this time it affected the whole arm - I was shocked by my lack of movement and the pain, which turned out to be a good thing as I got it checked out and will now be able to work on strengthening it back up again :) hx

  2. You do such an amazing job with your drawings, and from experience, I know they can take quite some time to complete. Drawing and coloring causes me some neck, back and eye strain, and lately I have had to cut these activities down quite a bit. I think it's time myself I take up more walking and practice much better posture.

    1. Thank you! Most of the drawings do take a lot of time and, yes, I also have to find more balance. Though I would prefer to be drawing I have had to get more activity back into my life, too and I have to say I am feeling pretty great because of it - I've walked over 30km this week :) I hope you give it a go!!

  3. I was reading your article and when I came to your description of your position in front of the computer while studying I felt my privacy invaded. It felt weird! Here I was, legs crossed, chin propped up in left hand, body heavily leaning to the left (my drawing pad is right in front of me). Your Apacore: what a gem! Looking at it, I wondered where the main lines were....LOL. I drew A. once and loved it, but as with so many tangles, once I drew them I lose interest and focus on new tangles. There are so many out there and I want to do them ALL!!!
    Take care of yourself. Balancing your activities is definitely the keyword, but if I had to follow that recipe I would end up with tons of unfinished stuff like getting stuck in half a walk.

  4. Last summer, me too had many problems with my back, neck and shoulder. (arthrose) I had to move more ans sit less, I'm doing special exercises with a therapist (in hot water) and in my shoulder they gave me four times shock-wave therapy to remove calcium instead of an operation. I didn't feel better immediately but now, after several months I am much better and I 'm drawing again a few hours a day but with many breaks. I write you this because I'm sure you will get much better again, but not immediately. Go on with drawing but please take good care and change attitudes,it is very important.
    Wonderful Apacore, you are a source of inspiration for us all, wish you all the best


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