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A-Z Journal - H is for Hepmee

Time for the next instalment in my A-Z journal (no idea what I'm talking about? See A-G here). This project is turning into a very long-term one, but I'm enjoying the process of having it tick over in the back of my mind and when I find a pattern I'm ready to go.

It took me a while to decide on a pattern for "H". Hepmee caught my eye when I was working through my pattern file recently. I redid the sample tile for it and noticed that when I connected up the little webs they created a secondary floral pattern and you all know I can't resist a floral design!

Hepmee pattern was created by Carol Ohl, and you can find the step out here.

Here is my version. I've left the pattern section (web) plain and shaded the negative space "flowers" in order to make them stand out more.  It's such a simple pattern, but I really love how it turned out.
Have a great day!


  1. Flowers must just be a part of your subconscious as they turn up in your art regularly. Love your work. Can't wait to see what you delight us with for the letter I.

  2. Amazing what shading can bring to the fore! Delightful, airy effect. I love this interpretation of Hepmee!


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