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Tile catchup

Each week on the Square One facebook group, a new focus pattern is posted which is to be the subject of a zentangle tile (3.5" square white tile, fine line marker pen, greylead shading, hand-drawn). 

I enjoy it because it is very challenging for me to work within the size and medium constraints. Plus it introduces me to new patterns that I likely would not have seen. BONUS!

Here are some of my recent tiles:



We may finally get some rain over the next few days which is very exciting - you can see how dry the paddocks are in this video. The bull and jersey2 love it when they are in this paddock near the house as it has pear and apple trees are along the fence line and  they score the rejects.

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Those eyes!! hahaha. I love Jerseys.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Love all your tiles. Your work is always so inspiring and different.

  2. Oh, I love your play on tangles! I stared quite some time on the 2nd Elven tile. It is a masterpiece of down and under and over and into... I would lose focus! Pure sugar for the eyes! Thanks, Helen.

    1. Thanks, Susie. What I loved about both Elven and Skye was that they were patterns I would not have tried otherwise and I really enjoyed finding a way to draw them that worked for me! hx


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