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String Rose Tangle Pattern - VIDEO and time-lapse drawing

One of my goals this year is to get my videos up to date, including creating those for the patterns that don't have them along with redoing some of the old ones that are looking a bit rough around the edges.

I've created an updated video for String Rose to replace the quick instagram one I did initially - it includes the basic technique, a small design and grid examples. I hope you enjoy it!

**Please note if you are viewing this via email, you may need to visit the A Little Lime in order to watch it.

One thing that I love about rediscovering patterns is that I can revisit ideas like experimenting with String Rose on a grid, here it is on a diamond, "s" and square grid. I think it is a great space filler.

I also thought String Roses would work well as a starting point for an organic, swirly design - here you can see I've kinda run with it. hahahaha.

Lime green, aqua and blue = my favourite colour mix :)
I thought it might be a bit of fun to create a time-lapse video of the String Rose Swirl drawing (above). A time-lapse often looks "jumpy" as it is created from a series of images. With designs like these that grow organically, they are impossible (for me anyway) to give specific instruction on how to build them. I find that even with the same starting point the end result is different every time. I also tend to jump around from section to section in the video as this is how I work on a design - I just put a bit here and there where I think I need to.

 **Please note if you are viewing this via email, you may need to visit the A Little Lime in order to watch it.

The end of summer/beginning of Autumn has been very dry here. I've given up on watering the garden as everything is winding down, though I'm hoping for rain very soon :) We had a bushfire break out just down the road last week. It was a crazy, windy day, so they got the water bombing helicopters and fire trucks on it right away. It was a little tense for a bit - we watched the progress from the hay shed at the top of our property. A few other fires broke out across Victoria and the next day John had to head off for the week to help fight them in NE Victoria. I'm hoping he is back home tomorrow. The chickens miss him........they let me feed them when John is away, but it's just not the same.

Have a great day!


  1. Really love the grid variations. I can't wait to try it that way - for me it pushes it in a more abstract direction, less rose, more wallpaper! Hoping you get rain soon!

    1. Thank you! I love it within a grid, too :) I think that it has a lot of potential for these "enclosed" type spaces and hopefully will find time to experiment with it more :) I really hope we get rain soon, too, I don't want to start with my Autumn planting until we're getting a bit of consistent wet weather. hx

  2. Oh that string rose swirl is so tempting.... Well, I added it to my tangles to do listing. While watching your time laps video I tried to guess where you are going next to make the swirls. You fooled me a couple of times, but it gave me a good insight on how to do this tangle. Thanks so much, Helen!!!! Now all I need is a lot of hours to practice.....

    1. Thanks, Susie :) Out of all my recent "roses" I think the String Rose is my favourite, so quick and easy, and just relaxing to draw. I get into a real flow with it. Good job if you were able to anticipate where I was going to draw next - I had to watch it a number of times when editing and I never could! hahaha. I hope you do get to play with it - I really love this type of drawing where you can really just switch off and let it grow. hx

  3. The pattern and your variations are just wonderful! many thanks for sharing the technique.
    Your friend in massachusetts

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I really love working with this pattern as a "swirl" drawing - just so relaxing as you don't have to think much.....just grow it until you're done :) hx


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