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Revisiting Narwal Tangle Pattern

A post on the Zentangle All Around FB group linked up to one of my old videos (thanks, Alice!) demonstrating how I draw Narwal, which is a tangle pattern by Sam Taylor. I haven't played with this pattern since creating the video in 2015, so I followed the link and watched it (so funny seeing myself draw in  old videos!) Anyway, this ignited my interest in giving this pattern another go (find links to video, pattern, etc. at the bottom of this post).

I find that Narwal, though it looks amazing, particularly when shaded or coloured, is a little limiting for me - it ends up much the same shape every time I draw it and I haven't found a way to really transform it @ my usual modus operandi. So, rather than draw it as I have before I thought about what I could do differently and decided on a "narwal within narwal" effect. 

Here's what I came up with, and though it hasn't changed it up that much, it's a bit of a different take and I like it :)
You may not know this but I have an enduring love affair with the colour's my "symphony of greens" version:

This drawing was sketched out in my journal, then shaded/coloured in Procreate. I love the almost metallic effects I can get with my shading in Procreate, but I have to admit that I spent an absolutely ridiculous amount of time working it. Maybe this is because I'm learning what works for me in the app and I'm more familiar with my markers and paper. Anyway, I'm happy with how they turned out.

I definitely had some fun revisiting Narwal.

My method of drawing Narwal youtube video.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! Narwal within Narwal. That would do my head in but yours is amazing. Well done.


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