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floral and string doodle

We've been keeping busy around the farm, particularly the garden, over the past few weeks whilst John was on  term break. We got a lot done, but I'm glad that he is back at work again so that I can have a rest! 

Here's another floral and string doodle.......
I'm happier with the balance of this one, not so top-heavy.

Have a great day!


  1. Love the flow of this. Some day maybe I will be able to do something even a little bit close to this.

  2. Question: Do you sketch lightly in pencil first and then detail in pen? If you say, I "always do this in pen", and I am going to slit my wrists! Whether drawing or doodling, I pencil first because I don't want to make mistakes, "happy" or otherwise. (I am a Virgo!) Lovely work regardless of your technique. I am mucho jealous!

    1. Hi Cavell for a lot of my drawings I give myself a guide - usually a few pencil lines. For the doodles I do mostly freehand - this particular drawing I would have drawn the string in pencil to get a nice loopy curve, drawn it in pen then just gone freehand in pen from there.

      These doodle drawings are deceptive they look complicated but are really just a build up of the same simple elements over and over. More patience than skill here, I assure you ☺


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