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A-Z Journal - F is for Fickle

A couple of weeks ago I was finally getting back into my drawing groove when John, aka "The Dirty Purveyor of Germs" brought home a cold that he wanted to share with me. Luckily it was pretty mild and only lasted a few days, but it threw me off my game for a bit.

BC (Before Cold), I was working on this drawing.
It started off as an experiment with Faux Weave for my A-Z journal but ultimately had a mind of it's own, and though this is more of a process than a pattern, I decided to call it "Fickle" and slot it into "F" spot anyway. Done and done.

This evolution of an idea is what I love most about playing with patterns - you start in one place, add in a bit of experimentation, and end up somewhere completely different. If you'd like to know more about the various strategies I use for pattern experimentation, you may like to check out my e-book Tangle Transformation.

On the blog front I have now re-done my Pattern and  Image Gallery pages - next up I plan to tackle my e-books page.

Have a great day!


  1. OK - so now you have me running again. I just finished D for Diva Dance - FINALLY - and now you have this new beautiful and quite exciting Fickle out without a fickle step out, which means I have to look a bit closer and hope I will get it or unintentionally end up doing the wrong Fickle. I seem to see no horizontal grid lines, but vertical...sort of like a big snake line curving about 9 times with the curves cut off. Now the fickle tangle itself shouldn't be too difficult, but then you have fooled me once or twice before, Helen.

    I will give it a try....


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