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Still playing with this doodling style in my journals. I like this open, string-y version.

When I posted some earlier versions of this drawing style a while back, I was asked for steps or a process to recreate something similar. I haven't yet thought of a way to do this as they are freeform creation, but maybe something will come to me. I literally start with a random line on the page and just go from there. 

The closest systematic approach that I can think of is to use the method as explained in my Three Little Rules post/or mini e-book. It's not quite the same but may give you a starting point and structure to begin with as the final results are not too far apart.

Have a great day!


  1. Helen, because of very much liking the pattern Ruffel that you came up with, I started drawing my own versions of it; now I've done about 40 of them, some of them on greeting cards, and everyone who gets one just loves how swirly they are :-) I just love what can be done when we can let our imaginations run free!
    Thank you for showing us that so many beautiful drawings are possible without having to know all the "rules" of drawing.

    1. Ruffel is such a fun one! I really need to go back and have a play with it again :) Thanks for your lovely message :) h


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