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VIDEO - Double 8's

I'm in the process of a working on a pattern project and happened to notice that I hadn't published this video to Youtube yet. Oops! Too much school work and too little time to keep track of what I've been doing!! At least I'm now done with school until February and can catch up with a few projects I've been wanting to do - both drawing a home related :)

I hope you enjoy it :)

If you're viewing this via email you may need to visit to view this video.

Have a great day!


  1. Great video Helen, always nice to see how it's done. Love the music.

  2. Indeed a great video again, thanks for your work and inspiration!

  3. Always appreciate seeing your work!

  4. Thanks - lovely to see so well presented

  5. Lovely design. I always enjoy your fluidity of movement. Perhaps one of these days I might be able to move through designs like that.
    Thank you as always for your generosity in sharing your art with us all.

  6. Very nice Helen. Thank you for taking the time to do a video. Love this tangle; not only the way the tangle looks, but also the flowing movement of my hand and arm in making the tangle.


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