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Free Mini e-book mail out to email subscribers - coming soon!

You might want to grab a coffee for this - it's a long one!! If you've been following of late you likely know I'm in the process of writing my new e-book - Design to Detail.

It's become a bit of a tradition for me to work on a new e-book over Winter when there's not much going on around the farm (plus, it's cold and I really hate working outside when it's cold!)
So, I'm very excited to tell you that I'm almost done and Design to Detail should be ready for sale early-ish October.
In what has also become a pre-book release tradition - I will be sending out a free e-book to A Little Lime email subscribers at the end of September. YAY!! Please read this post all the way through for the details on how to receive this free e-book.

Now, hold on to your hats, I have one more bit of exciting news.........last year during the Three Little Rules mail out I had a lot of requests from newer subscribers about purchasing previous free e-book editions, so for a very, very limited time, I am offering Three Little Rules and Aquafleur Rose mini e-books for purchase.  They will both be available only until Design to Detail is up for sale (early October). So, maybe two weeks.

The price for Three Little Rules and Aquafleur Rose will be US$4.00 each. 

Please note before purchase: these mini e-books were produced as a free subscriber item, and as such do not have the same detail or volume of information as my full-length publications. They focus on one design/technique. As my shopping cart service allows me to upload larger files, though, you will receive a higher resolution version than was sent out to subscribers.

You can read what people thought about Three Little Rules in the comments of this post.

You can read what poeple thought about the Aquafleur Rose in the comments of this post.

If you'd like to buy either book, just click on the covers, or the Add to Cart button beneath each book.

2015 - Three Little Rules
18 pages

2014 - Aquafleur Rose
9 pages
5 videos

NOW...........How to get the free mini e-book

Please take the time to read through this information so that when the time comes, if you want to receive the mini e-book, you will :)

  • You need to be a current, confirmed subscriber to A Little Lime's email feed in order to receive the free e-book (if you are reading this post in your email you are already a subscriber, if not you can subscribe using this link ). 
  • You must be subscribed to the email feed at the time I transfer my subscriber list over to my mail delivery service - this will happen approx. 30th September, give or take. If you are not a confirmed subscriber when I begin the transfer process I'm sorry but you have missed out. The best way to ensure that you receive the free e-book is to subscribe now - once it's gone, it's gone and it will not be sent out retrospectively.

Common Delivery Issues
  • In order to send free e-books out to email subscribers only, I use a different delivery service specifically for this - sometimes your email servers will get confused and see this as spam (same email address but coming from a different server) and block it - to ensure that your delivery gets to you please add my email address to your safe sender list.

Other General Information
  • Please read my FAQ - e-book downloads page though the info is for e-book purchases, which is a different process, it does have some helpful info.
  • I will create a post on the blog when the e-book goes out - you should receive it that day as the delivery is usually fast.
  • When your e-book email arrives, please download and save to your computer asap - I am not able to resend links and the download link will only be live for a limited time.
  • E-books include hyperlinks that can only be accessed with the digital version.
  • As a subscriber you have permission to print out one copy of the free e-book for your personal use only (please read my Terms of Use page)

Important Note
I do know that not everyone follows me via blog emails and I appreciate your support no matter how you choose to connect but please understand that this is the only way I send out my free e-books.

O.k., that's it for the official stuff - I hope it makes it easier for everyone :) I'm totally excited and now need to get back to work on my main book project. Keep your eye out for email from me from late September!!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to purchase your other e-books. <3

    1. You are most welcome, Aleesha :) I hope you enjoy them! h

  2. I love your work! Will the mini e-book be automatically sent to us who are subscribers, or is there a way to order it? I can't wait! You are certainly blessed with a wonderful gift!!!!!

    1. Hi Sheila.
      Yes, the new mini e-book will be automatically sent out to subscribers around the end of September - as mentioned above, I do use a different mail delivery service to send it so it's a good idea to make sure my email address: is added to your address book so that your email server does not identify it as spam.
      Hope that helps :) h

    2. Yes! I added your email address to my address book! Thank you so much for making your book available!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks! Looking forward to it (as always)!

  4. Okay, you have just made my day a lot brighter Helen. Your books are so well done!

  5. Thank you for the possibility to purchase "The 3 Rules" :-) I have a week off - perfect time.
    I also enjoy your "Transformation" ebook!

  6. You just knock my socks off with your talent! :)

  7. I am a huge fan and enjoy your work immensely! I think you are just too cool to send out your free E-books to subscribers. I love collecting them. Ive also purchased 2 eBooks from you and look forward to your latest offering! Thank you again!

  8. Just got your free Compass Daisies e-book. It is really lovely, but I have a question. At one point you add orientation lines for the daisies, but do not use them as these daisies are completely symmetrical around the center point. What are these lines for?


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