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Tangents and Tigers

Alright, let me clear this up right away - there are no tigers in this's 10am in the morning, I'm still tired and, well, I just like alliterations :) Yes, I realise I probably need more coffee before I start sending stuff out to the goes anyway.

It's been a while since you've seen a mid-week post from me.....I know!!!.........I'm excited, too! I have an unexpected week off from school - first round of assessments are done, I went for my interview yesterday and I'm all up to date, so I don't have to go back until we start on assessment 2 projects next Monday. I am officially 1/6 of the way through the Diploma! Yay for me :)

I told myself I would dedicate this week to getting the bulk of my current book written and I will, I will, but I couldn't help doing a little diversion drawing before I got started. I've dashed this out, the shading is a bit questionable and the centre should be white.....but here it is - a tuesday drawing! I'm just thrilled to be able to even write that!!
Here's the problem, though - now that I've had a bit of a play I want to keep going with it - I don't have enough time to just draw lately - I spend so much time staring at my computer screen I think my husband is actually jealous of it. He really prefers that I stare at him all stalker-like instead. hahaha. Anyway, I'll just have to do a quick couple of sketches in my journal and hope that I remember to develop them further later.

On the farm, Miss Jersey is due in approx 2 weeks. She's looking all big and moody. I can't wait until we've got fresh milk, and cream, and butter again! Spring seems to have arrived early- we've had some stunning days and today I have my windows fully open just enjoying how great that is!

Last week my son moved out of home - a big milestone for John and I, though Ben has moved out (and in) a few times, as have the other kids.......this is the first time in 27 years that we have no children at home and John and I are living along! I know it probably won't last, but I've got to say - I'm loving it! So, in a nutshell, things are going along pretty great around here - I hope you guys are having a fabulous week, too!!


  1. I love love love this flower!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Life sounds good! I just love Jersey cows and once worked on the island of Jersey for a summer season! Love the flower. My grandson and I love trying out your designs together!

  3. The important thing is that you want to draw - it'll be there for you when you have the time.

    I'm loving your Double 8's tangle, it's so addictive to draw.

  4. I am always amazed how you can make something so simple look so beautiful. I had children spread way apart in age, so I had them at home for 40 years. When the last one left, he was told that the minute he stepped out the door, his room was my craft room and we would have no room for him, or the others, to come back. Take the room(s) and enjoy!!!

  5. Oh my, the fleur is amazing. A new book, YAY! I love, love, love your books. Wish we'd a had Jerseys way back when. Those ole Holsteins were OK, but no where near as lovable as a Jersey. Best of luck on the other 5/6 of your studies.

  6. Love your post and your drawing! I think the shading is perfect!
    Barb B. CZT

  7. Helen, not sure if anyone has ever said this about your drawings, but I have to...the minute I see them, it brings a smile to my face and relaxes my eyes and mind. Thanks so much for you and your Art, may never achieve your smoothness but, I keep trying.


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