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Monday Monogram "a"

First up, I've started an Instagram account for A Little Lime - you can follow here: - I'm excited about being able to use this format for quick visual updates :)

Next.....of late I've found myself a little bored with what I've been drawing and not all that interested in all the effort involved in shading so it's time to get excited about playing with something new(ish) hence Monday Monogram - I'm not known for my long attention span, so I'm interested to see how far I can take this :)

The lead up to this was a typography unit I've been doing at school, I'm loving it - it's all digital and so much fun.

Anyway this ignited my enjoyment of playing with fonts, creative lettering and drawing flowers. For me, there's nothing like creating with real pen and paper so on with the decorated monograms. The intricate, precise detail is appealing to me at the moment - it means I can be creative, but within a framework.

Here's the first one featuring a poppy and water lily and a sneaky bit of string :)
Have a good one!


  1. How clever, I particularly like the flowers made from C and O.

  2. Helen,
    Did you print out the letter then do your pen work or did you use a stencil/mask?
    Very nice work on the details. Love it.

  3. Hi Lynna,
    Thank you. I created an outline of the letter, very lightly, in grey lead pencil then erased it when I finished creating the design. I wouldn't be able to keep my lines straight otherwise :) h


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