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Flux & swirls

I've had this drawing sitting on my desk for a while and have been doing a bit here and there when I could. I finally finished it up today.
I started in the centre with some scroll-y Flux shapes then worked out from there. I had to laugh at myself when I looked at my final scan just now because I noticed that I started off shading in cool grey, then today I've must have picked up warm greys to finish off. We're just going to have to pretend that it's intentional and that the "warm" part of the design is reflecting a bit of sunlight or something - I won't tell anyone if you won't ;)

Have an amazing weekend! Mine will be busy with lots of homework.


  1. Just lovely and so lyrical. The curves and swoops are delicious. You have such an eye for design coherence, this is eye candy of the first order.

    1. I so agree with Jodi! Lovely, lyrical, delicious!

  2. Thanks, Helen, for another airy, gracious composition! You teach me so much with your examples!

  3. Gorgeous! I can only dream of drawing curves as clean and elegant as yours-then to compose it all in such beauty. You are an inspiration-);

  4. Would not have known that was not intentional if you had not mentioned it. Fits in so much with your usual flowing style. Love your elegant minimalistic style.


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