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Compass Daisies - Step Out & Quick Draw Video

Here's a step out for the Compass Daisies that I shared last week. 
Pattern Notes:
* The first two steps are done in pencil - erase the lines at the end.
* Add more circles/layers for more complex daisies.
* Click on the pattern above to enlarge it.

This week I've spent some time grappling with my newly downloaded video editing program - it's great and I can do more precision edits, but it's been a pretty steep learning curve.

And, of course, whilst looking into online courses on this program I got diverted by another one on a related animation program. I was so into it I spent about 4 days watching tutorials and making notes and ended up straining my neck and shoulder muscles from the way I was sitting. I had to take a break for a few days as it got to the point where I could barely move without triggering muscle spasms and I was walking around like a robot. My husband thinks that it is hysterical that I injured myself studying. So, now, a replacement desk chair and quite a bit of magphos later I was able to finish up editing this video today.

Note: This video may not play in your email - visit A Little Lime to view it.

This is a (very fast) quick draw video showing how I draw a single Compass Daisy using the same process  shown above and shared in this post last week. Because of the speed, the paper does move around a bit as I'm constantly rotating it. I know that some of you much prefer the slower paced videos, but I like to change it up a bit and every once in a while show a start-to-finish drawing with the shading.

I'm back at school Thursday this week. Hopefully I'll only need to go to the one class to officially finish out the term, then next term starts in two more weeks.


  1. Thank you so much. This helped a lot.

  2. I love how the steps build up to a finished product. And it was fun working with a compass after years and years. Loved the shading too. Thanks for the stepout, Helen.


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