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That pretty much describes my life right now! I've started back at school this week and I've been exhausted - it's going to take a while to get those learning muscles back in action.

I've had this drawing "swirling" on my desk since early in the week waiting for me to scan and post. Well, I have no classes today and have finally found the time to get it done!

So here it is, a bit of Friday inspiration :)

Hope your weekend is amazing!



  1. Helen, good luck with school - I am sure you will re-find your learning legs very soon. Must say, the idea of school again fills me with trepidation - however, I love learning, in little bites. I have books, videos, podcasts....would be dreadful if my mind wasn't occupied :)
    The drawing you posted is lovely. As I've followed your blog, I've learned one thing - I must stop trying to reproduce your style because, for me, that only brings disappointment, but I must continue to work on my own style, incorporating the inspiration you give me. I can spend time just loving and admiring your work, which I do, but I must not try to be someone I am not. A very good lesson, but it's taking me a long time to learn it!
    Hope the fire season has ended and you weren't in any danger.
    Hugs Jakki

    1. Thank you, Jakki. I'm sure it won't take me long to get back in the swing of it - it just takes a bit of time to get used to doing something else. I also find sitting in a classroom exhausting when I'm used to being up and about most of the time.

      I think it's definitely important to develop your style - I'm glad you keep working at it as you'll find the most satisfaction from your work that way. I would find it almost impossible to replicate someone else's style - my own preferences keep pushing their way through and I would end up with it looking like my work usually does anyway :)

      I definitely get inspired by others, though, and that pushes me in new directions in my own artwork. My current design course is also making me do some types of drawing that are completely out of my comfort zone - it's good for me, though I'll probably never do this type of drawing again. Conte chalk......yuck.

      We're still in fire season though haven't had any close calls this year. It's still pretty dry but hopefully will get some more good rain soon.

    2. I just had to chime in. What Jackie said is so accurate. I've only been tangling for 6 months and love Helen's work too. It seems so loose, uncomplicated-easy even because Helen makes it look easy. I am so hoping I will find my own style as I admire Helen greatly I don't want to be a Mini-me of Helen! I went back to school in my mid 30's for architecture. Big changes, but I loved it and was so glad I did.
      I also agree- Conte chalk-ugh😀

  2. Well said Jakki - have very similar feelings! Thank you for more beautiful inspiration Helen - all the best with the studies!

    1. Thank you, Lynne :) Though exhausting, I am thoroughly enjoying being back at school. h

  3. Helen, I have been following your blog for a while now and enjoy your work. When I scan my images they come out grainy and I haven't found a good setting. What dpi scanner settings do you use to scan your drawings?

    1. Hi - it probably depends on your scanner - I use an epson xp-200. I bought it the first time around as it was the cheapest option for ink replacement, but fell in love with the software. Later I bought and got rid of a much more expensive canon as the scanning software just wasn't as good. My scanning resolution setting is usually 300dpi if that helps :) For the web 72dpi should be sufficient, though. Hope that helps. h

  4. It's beautiful. You have such a good eye for balance. :-)

    1. Thanks, Barbara :) I was pretty happy with how it turned out, too :) h

  5. this is beautiful, i have been playing with something similar - but tighter together, not with the arms spread out like you have them. ok, i guess it's nothing like yours, but yours sure reminded me of it. hahaha! <3

    1. Thanks, Alice. I've played around with a similar idea a few times myself and was messing around with a pattern when this design came together. I was pretty happy with how it turned out :) Those are the good drawing days :) hx

  6. Love the swirling arms. This would look lovely shaded in your usual stylish colours.

  7. So elegant. I admire you for keeping up with artwork and school and your farm. I love, love, love swirling - is there a pattern for it? I've been looking for it for what seems like forever!

    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Thank you :) No pattern for this one - just a drawing - I'll probably put together some kind of step out when I have time. h

  8. Oh, thanks. I did find AURAKNOT-BUNZO FLOWER in your patterns and that's helpful and kind of has the same effect. Love your work!


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