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Ruffel - progression

Hi all :) 

Just a quick one today - I've got a progression of my drawing featuring the Ruffel pattern that I posted yesterday.

I don't normally do these as I get engrossed in the drawing and forget to scan as I go. Yesterday I remembered!


  1. Thanks for the progression scans. One question, in which direction to you add the strokes from Step 2 forward? Do you start at the tip or the other way. This question is easily answered in a video (hint, hint )
    Thanks for all you bring to the Zentangle® community
    Bette Abdu

    1. Hi Bette. I'm hoping to catch up on videos for the patterns that I've posted over the past couple of months early next year. This one is definitely on the list. It is a bit hard to explain in words, so probably the best bet is to have a look at the step out from my previous post: - hopefully that will make it a little clearer as this drawing was done in exactly the same way, just with a more freeform s-stroke line to start with. Thanks! h


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