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The 2015 Pattern Folio

Hi everyone! I'm pretty excited to tell you that I'm currently working on my third annual Pattern Folio. The 2015 Pattern Folio will be going out free to blog email subscribers in December. Here's a sneak-peek of this years cover:

I love, love doing the Pattern Folios each year for you, but unfortunately it always comes with a bit of confusion and sometimes disappointment from those who, for whatever reason don't receive it. So, this year in order to (hopefully) ease the stress a little and make my workload a bit lighter I have put together some details for you below.

Please take the time to read through this information so that when the time comes, if you want to receive the Pattern Folio you will :)

It's hard to write this kind of stuff without feeling a bit mean when I want it to just be a fun and exciting experience, but the bottom line is that I have to set some limitations in order for the process to run as smoothly as possible for me and you. 

How to get the 2015 Pattern Folio: 
  • You need to be a current, confirmed subscriber to A Little Lime's email feed in order to receive the 2015 Pattern Folio (if you are reading this post in your email you are already a subscriber, if not you can subscribe using this link ).
  • You must be subscribed to the email feed at the time I transfer my subscriber list over to my mail delivery service - this will happen sometime in December, usually early in the month. If you are not a confirmed subscriber when I begin the transfer process I'm sorry but you will have missed out for this year. The best way to ensure that you receive the 2015 Pattern Folio is to subscribe prior to December - once it's gone, it's gone and will not be sent out retrospectively.
Common Delivery Issues
  • In order to send free e-books out to email subscribers only, I use a different delivery service specifically for this - sometimes your email servers will get confused and see this as spam (same email address but coming from a different server) and block it - to ensure that your delivery gets to you please add my email address to your safe sender list.
Other General Information
  • Please read my FAQ - e-book downloads page though the info is for e-book purchases, which is a different process, it does have some helpful info.
  • I will create a post on the blog when the 2015 Pattern Folio goes out - you should receive the folio that day as the delivery is usually fast.
  • The 2015 Pattern Folio will include all the patterns from previous issues - the 2013 and 2014 issues become redundant once the new one is published and will no longer be available.
  • When your 2015 Pattern Folio email arrives, please download and save to your computer asap - I am not able to resend links and the download link will only be live for a limited time.
  • Pattern Folios include hyperlinks that can only be accessed with the digital version.
  • As a subscriber you have permission to print out one copy of the 2015 Pattern Folio for your personal use.
Important Note

I do know that not everyone follow me via blog emails and I appreciate your support no matter how you choose to connect but please understand that this is the only way I send out my free e-books.

O.k., that's it for the official stuff - I hope it makes it easier for everyone :) I'm totally excited and am off to get the finishing touches done. Have an amazing day!


  1. whoohoo~~cant wait!!! soooo excited-really appreciate all you do to put this together for us~TY!!!!

  2. Can't wait Helen! You are so AWESOME!!!!! Thank you!

  3. YAY!!! Really looking forward to seeing the new Pattern Folio!!!!

  4. So excited! I love your artistic style!

  5. So excited! I love your artistic style!

  6. Early Christmas present! Thanks Helen.

  7. Can't wait! It is always a joy to see your work in one place. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents, especially when you need to take so much time with your wonderful farm. It is a pleasure having you as an internet, Zentangle friend!

  8. Awesome! Looking forward to getting it. I'm finally at a point my life when I actually have time to play :-). Thank you!

  9. Thanks in advance, Helen, for what's going to be my best birthday present!

  10. Crazy about your work and look forward to the pattern folio!! You are an iinspiration!!!

  11. Adore your creations. Thank so much for the folio!

  12. Oh boy! I'll make sure I have plenty of ink in the printer... :)

  13. This newbie is soooo excited for this!

  14. Thanks so much for this!
    And from my house to yours, may you holidays be blessed with tons of love, and happiness!

  15. Woo hoo! I hope I didn't miss this!
    Merry Christmas Happy Holidays
    And just Happy Life!

  16. I did not know that you would be doing this for us! Thank you so very much...such a lovely and appreciated surprise. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  17. Thank you so much for the wonderful e-book! I love your work and hopefully, this will help me to "master" some of your patterns that I have not been able to draw. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy (down under) new year!
    Barb B. CZT

  18. Thank you so much for your wonderful book. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  19. I am not sure why but I never got mine. The month was really hard for me personal issues that had to be taken care of but I made it and on to a new year. ..


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