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#Challenge 231 - Undulating S and C curves

This week's diva challenge by Sharla Hicks was an interesting one: S & C curves - I must say I do love myself an undulating curve :)

As per my usual week, I probably started thinking about this one on the day it was posted and maybe scratched out a few ideas thinking, yes, I'll get this done tomorrow. Well, guess what? It's Sunday! (bet that was a surprise? it was to me!) and even though I finished drawing about 3 days ago - this is the first chance I've actually had to sit down and create a post. Getting in the way? A cow who has (just) gone into labour but doesn't look like she's in any kind of hurry, unborn lambs that we thought would be born, trees to be sprayed, kids to be ferried. Gardens to be gardened. Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it - pretty sure I need a clone a la Michael Keaton in Multiplicity only without all the disastrous results. Here's what I came up with: Scroll feather variation with repetitive s strokes.
Meh. The feather didn't excite me all that much so I returned to one of my favourite c-stroke designs Knyt by Lyndel Churchill - I love working with this pattern. It's not really undulating, though like most patterns, there is repetition. Once I had it in my head that I was going to draw with it, that was it - it was happening. I have a slightly different method that I use to draw Knyt which you find here.

A "filled" version:

I'm not sure which I prefer, the first one is airier with lots of white space which I love, but I like the additional visual interest in the second - for some reason the leaves also stand out more to me in this version. I'm pretty terrible at getting around and seeing everyone's work at the moment.......hopefully once life is a little less "full" I'll be on top of it.

Have a good week!


  1. I am always inspired by your work and I wish I had your talent. And making time to do this between farming and kids!

  2. I was waiting for yours, Helen. I knew you would do something beautiful. Thanks for the reminder of Knyt. I haven't played with that one yet, so off I go :)

  3. Such beautiful work here as usual. I really love the way you've drawn Knyt-I've never attempted that one. I am in awe of your steady hand:-)

  4. Your work is an inspiration. Beautiful and masterful.

  5. Great work. I like your first one. Would not think of Scroll Feather with aura. Looks great. Love how you stretch things.

  6. Hey Helen, fabulous to see you Knyt-ing again. I get such a thrill to see the pattern used and it is so generous of you to credit me. I recently found Knyt (and Scrolled Feather) in a book by German CZT Anya Lothrop. That was an exciting day at the newsagents LOL. Have a great week and good luck with the lambing.

  7. I love all, but the first one is my favorite. Love the elegant and airy tile.

  8. Wow, Helen! You have certainly done my head in today. After watching the batch tangle video. I thinking it would make a great quilting design. Now to find some fabric and see if I can do it!!! Don't hold your breathe waiting to see this it may just take a while. Plus I'm thinking to help keep it 90 degree looking it would be helpful to have at least two starting guide lines. Very faint ones. Thanks will get back to you. Hope the cow and lambs birthing all go good for you!!!! P.S. would love to see some pictures.Happy zentangling....Julie.

  9. Oh wow! These are all stunning! I'm in awe of your beautiful artwork!


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