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Kisses Tangle Pattern VIDEO

It's Friday, so how about a kiss? See what I did there? LOL. O.k., so, if you haven't guessed, this week's video is Kisses.

Kisses is a pattern that goes right back to 2012 (can you believe how fast time flies?), I posted it just a few months after beginning this blog. You can see the original post here.

Here's the video - it shows a few options for using Kisses: stacked @ the wheat and borders, flowers and a braid. (if viewing by email, you may need to visit the website to see the video).

Hope you enjoy it! Have an amazing weekend.


  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful ideas. And I hope you have a great weekend as well.

  2. You and your work are such an inspiration! Thank you!

    1. Hi Maryll, thank you - it's so lovely to hear that :) h


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