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Heartline Tangle Pattern - VIDEO

Friday comes around fast, right? This week has just flown. We're back into the dairy routine, milking, making butter, ricotta, etc. Miss Jersey has stopped trying to hide with her calf at milking time and now just comes up to the gate ready to go. I like a girl who likes her treats :) She's making her way through my pumpkin stash at the moment. Clearly my pumpkins do bring all the girls to the yard.

This week's pattern video is Heartline. This is a versatile pattern that you can do as a standalone, linear version, or put it into a grid with or without lines in order to increase it infinitely. Want to read more about it? You can view the original pattern post here.

Here's the video (if viewing by email, you may need to visit the website to see the video).

I hope you have fun with it!


  1. Love your videos - your drawing is so smooth and precise!

    1. Thanks, Alecia. I'm having a lot of fun working on them :) h

  2. I love the way you make this tangle look effortless and graceful. Thank You so much for the time you spend sharing your talent. Tami

    1. Thanks, Tami. It's a fun tangle to draw - simple but effective :)


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