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Black and White Spinners

The weather has been so miserable here over the past few weeks, I've really had no choice but to do a lot of drawing........nothing more productive that I really should be, housework. I promise :)

So, my routine has been to get the must-do jobs - like milking the cow, feeding chickens, bringing in some wood etc, done first thing in the morning, then I load up the wood in the fire and settle down to draw (maybe I surf the net a little bit, too). It's been great!

Today I decided to revisit the Olb/Abundies combo that I first played with a couple of weeks ago. I had so much fun with it that I wanted to have another go - I went with some black striping on this one. So fun!

I've even got a little bonus "quick draw" video (I know! it's not even Friday :) showing how I approach drawing an Olb/Abundies combo with some basic grey lead shading. This has been filmed at (mostly) 8 x speed. Actual drawing time took approx. 15 minutes. The drawing above took more time with layered shading and filling in the black areas.

Enjoy the quick draw? I've also got a video of an Aquafleur Poppy being drawn, though I've used a series of photos instead of video footage.

Other stuff: work on the new book is progressing slowly, slowly, but in an ever forwards motion, gearing up for a chicken workshop we're doing here in a couple of weeks........ and here's a 3.5 tile that I did for the Zentangle One Focus on Finery.



  1. Focus on Finery -- your shading makes all the difference! And your Black And White Spinners: you make it look so easy. I so enjoy your posts -- thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It's good for me to have a go at the 3.5 tiles every once in a while - as it's way out of my comfort zone. I always feel they're a bit boring as I'm a minimalist at heart :)

  2. I like the videos.
    And this is about me, not you, but I have to say it.

    When I first started drawing, I looked at your stuff and despaired. "I will never get this." I said that to myself over and over.

    Guess what? I kept at it. And while I am not you, you're not me, either. :) I have improved a LOT and part of that is because of people like you so generously sharing your art with the world.
    So thanks.

    1. Thanks, Ami.

      Such a great comment. I truly believe it really is all about practice. So often we get frustrated if we're not good at something right away - I was convinced I could not draw until my mid 20's - you should see some of my flower portraits back in the day......scary stuff........but, like you I kept at it, and still do, so that I keep improving, evolving and finding the style that I'm not only comfortable with drawing, but that I like looking at :) Without a doubt there is still a heap more for me to learn......and I love that my drawings in another few years will be different from the ones I'm doing now.....keeps it interesting :) Helen

      PS: if you ever played Pictionary with me you would be family laugh hysterically at what comes out of my pencil - particularly the animals. LOL. Clearly drawing under pressure with a 1 minute time limit - not my strength :)

  3. Thank you for your videos. You make it all look so simple. Your movements as so fluid. Music in motion. BUT can you help me. What grade of pencil do you use. The finger shading looks nice and do-able. Thanks heaps.

    1. Hi Jo. Thank you! I generally use whatever pencil I happen to pick up at the time - this one is a 2B, I'll often use a HB, too.

      I have read a lot of times that smudging the pencil with your finger is not that great as you will get oil from your skin onto the paper, but it's never been a problem for me and my fingers are just so conveniently "there", you know? Helen :)

  4. Isn't abundies JUST the most fun pattern! and I loved putting your Olb in the space when i was playing with the combo. But Olb itself if loads of fun, in a mix of leaflet and lantern pho. Is it the roundness, or the flowing-ness or the 3-D-ness of it...but it is just so much fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks, HeidiSue :) SO much fun combining them! Olb works so well for all of those reasons..........and it's super easy which doesn't hurt at all :) h

  5. I really enjoy watching your video's! They are such inspiration and it always makes me want to have a go and try it. Thanks for sharing your great art!

    1. Thanks, Miranda :) That's great! I hope you do have a go - it's a really fun one to try :)


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