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MY WEEK went a little like this...............Since I had all my video equipment set up to film Narwal, I decided to go ahead and do Sails ......which was long overdue........after that I think I just lost my mind and decided to go for it and record all of the patterns that I wanted to get done. Then, once I had a system down, I went ahead and edited the lot. Whew! Though I found it oddly soothing watching myself draw to a soundtrack, I am now thoroughly over it!

The end result........I now have 12, YES 12! videos lined up ready to go. I am going to put one up a week on Friday for the next 12 weeks. I cannot believe that me, the Queen of Disorganisation and Lack of Planning (my true title) has actually done it has happened and it appears we are not now living in some alternative I'm just going with it! I do have to remember to post them every week. (Cue BIG sign being put up behind my computer monitor as I am writing this post!)

In my previous post I talked about doing some extra work on my Youtube channel  - I am really happy with the result. I'd love for you to check it out :) All of the videos have new thumbnails.....some even in colour (gasp!) and all the new ones will have a consistent format. Let me know what you think.

If you want to subscribe, you can do so at the channel, or click here. You'll be notified when I post new videos to Youtube. is the first "Friday Video" - the HEART S Pattern - the video includes Heart S, Heart S - no kick, and some randomising. I like to keep my videos to a reasonable timeframe, so if there are sections that are too fast (or too slow), just use the settings "cog" to adjust.

I love Heart S - definitely one of my favourite patterns, it looks great randomised, too.  You can check out the original post here with the pattern step-outs and some examples.

Please note: If you are reading this post in an email feed, sometimes the video will not show up, you'll need to the view the blog post online.

In other exciting news, Miss Jersey finally had her calf and she is a gorgeous girl. We'll be training her up over the next couple of years to become a house cow just like her mum. We still need to think of a name. Love her :)

Hope your weekend is amazing!


  1. Delightful and skilful, Helen. The video (like all the others) is great to watch and I'm really anxious to get out my pens and use this heart pattern. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Faith. I hope you have fun with it! Helen

  2. Such a sweetie, adorable! Indeed, your video's are so inspirational! Thanks for sharing, Miranda

  3. Maybe Brownie, likemy favourite cake because she is so sweet ;-) . Have a nice weekend. Iwa from Poland

  4. What a beauty !! Give her a big hug (if her mam agrees so).
    So lovely, new born animals. Thanks for sharing.
    Florenel from the Netherlands.

  5. Sweet, new baby. Because she has a flower on her face the name Fleur popped into my head. Love your heart designs, too! ❤️

  6. How about Fleur-de-Lis (Flower of Lily, or in her case, Flower of Jersey)?

  7. How about Blossom! She looks like there is a bloom of a flower opening up on her darling face.


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