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Scribble Daisies and paper scrolls

Playing around with some scribble daisies and patterned paper scrolls. Fun :)
The smaller paper scroll uses a new pattern "Weave" (instructions to come soon - things are pretty busy around here right now).
The tomatoes have started coming in volume now so I have begun the preserving process - this will consume a lot of my time over the next month or two.

I've also updated my VIDEO page to a single media player - you can access all the videos via the dropdown playlist menu. - and also subscribe to my channel directly from this page. Any bookmarks to the old videos page will still work, it's still there, just hidden :)

Have a great week! 


  1. That is simply gorgeous! It all works together so nicely.

  2. So awesome I don't know which part I like best the flower or the scroll! But you have home grown tomatoes!! Mercy child I am so hungry for a tomato from the yard we cannt even plant them for 6 weeks!!

  3. I'm always amazed at your talent.

  4. Oooh....WOW I love this and look forward to the new pattern "Weave"

  5. Well you've been busy 😄 time for to go check out more videos. I like weave, looking forward to seeing the steps.

  6. this is beautiful! im so happy i found your blog


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