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Well Tangle

It's been a busy week - along with the usual running around for school and constant watering (we're going through a heat wave) two of my heart patterns have been featured on Tangle Patterns - always exciting (Linda does a brilliant job)! The patterns were posted during last years Valentine's Love Fest.....(haha)......the first two weeks in February I did a mass posting of heart patterns and drawings - so, so much fun but I pretty much totally exhausted all of my ideas for using hearts as a pattern base during this time. If you want to check it out and bask in a little extra Valentine's lovin' last years heart posts begin here.

O.k.....onwards........I haven't done any challenges in what seems like AGES! So, when I saw that this week's Square One FB group theme was to use the Zentangle pattern Well (one of my faves) I couldn't resist.

I kept it super simple and just stuck with a single big Well with some basic shading.

Zentangle tile using Well tangle pattern

Some housekeeping: if you're an email subscriber and got my String Journal post yesterday, you probably noticed the big gap in the middle - there was meant to be a flip book in that space - I didn't realise that the link/image would not show up until I got the email in my own inbox this morning. So, if you missed out and want to check it out, go right to the post on the blog by clicking here.

I have my fingers x'd that this post actually gets to email followers today as all my subscribers have disappeared from Feedburner - this happens about twice a year for whatever reason and they're always back after a day or two - so hopefully it will all be as normal tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. I love the simplicity of your tile. Beautiful.

  2. As always your art fascinates me!! FYI... I'm an email subscriber and I did get the email for this post.

    1. Thanks, Barb, for letting me know you received the email feed. I got it, too. And, when I checked today the feedburner list was back :) It's such a shock to check and see a big fat 0 there, and always a good reminder to remember to back the list up (which I hadn't done since beginning of December!) hx


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