Wonky Grid challenge

This weeks Diva Challenge - Curvy Gridlock. Perfect! I love a wonky grid - it's one of my go-to techniques when I'm playing with a pattern to see what it can do :)

Fun challenge! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done.



Heart Divided - Pattern VIDEO

The Permaculture course that John and I wanted to do was booked out, but I managed to get into a double certification course on Thursdays - I'll be going it along, but it still should be wonderful!

Back to the videos..........getting through them......here's Heart Divided.



Heartfully Pattern - VIDEO

I had hoped to get all the valentines/heart pattern videos done this week. Not to be. Ah, well!

But, I do have one! Yay! Heartfully - both versions and a little randomising.

The "machinery" sound in the background is my little upstairs heater - for whatever reason the sound amplified when I uploaded, so I would suggest turning your volume down :)


White Space - Challenge #155

This weeks Diva Challenge is to including white space in your drawing. What can I say?

Me/White Space. We're like peas and carrots.

Kind of like Showgirl/Mooka. They just go together.

No tangles on this one, but I do love my daisies and there's enough white space here to drive a tanker through it.

What a busy week this has been. Today I have plans of videoing some pattern demos along with trying to get John and I booked into a permaculture course at the last minute (it starts Sunday).

Have a great weekend!


Breaking out Jailed Johnny!

One of my annoying, disorganised habits is to sketch ideas on scraps of paper and leave them everywhere. If they don't end up in my bag, with a message or note on the back or dumped in the bin, they usually end up on my desk upstairs in the hope that I may actually do something with them.

I discovered this on my desk today when I went upstairs to do some drawing:

It's a little brainstorming sketch that I did after seeing the Jailed Johnny UMT diva challenge a few weeks ago - I didn't have any time that week to participate, but doodled out a couple of ideas anyway. Today, with no specific drawing idea in mind was the perfect opportunity to work up the ideas.

Here are the results:

Jailed Johnny Fern Branches (for some reason these make me think of the NZ fern emblem even though they don't really look anything like it).

Jailed Johnny String (you'll have to look hard to find the JJ pattern in this one, I got more carried away with the string loops than sticking to the framework).

A busy few days coming up but I'm hoping to get to this weeks challenge :)



This affair is like.....so.....over!

February 14th! Happy Valentine's Day!! Love, love, love........love, love!

Before we bring the Valentine's/Heart theme to an end, I've got some last minute love to spread around. Here goes........ grab a notepad and pen (you may find yourself spontaneously doodling). And, maybe, a coffee.....this is going to be a long one.

So, you know, I've been kind of immersing myself in hearts. I think I've hit that alternate reality where the heart and I have become one. I AM the heart. LOL.

Finding more ways to work with them was a real challenge - and, I loved it - there's nothing more interesting to me than trying to break down a pattern and working out its secrets.

I like to create patterns that are continuous: they are more versatile, can flow on in any direction infinitely and fit into any space - otherwise, for me, they're too limiting. To that end, hearts are a difficult shape to work with - one end geometric, the other curvy and not many ways they'll fit together - meaning a lot of pattern attempts end up with a similar look.

Over the past few days I decided to experiment with some different approaches such as grids, zigzags, etc......the end results have some variations, but are essentially still "nested" hearts. I think that you could pretty much choose your favourite starting approach to achieve something very similar - the real difference is made by fill/shading choices.

Heart Box:
Let's start off with a super-easy one first - I almost didn't bother including it because it is so very basic with a simple fill in grid approach, but I kind of love the way it looks when it's blocked in and shaded. So, in it goes:

Heart Divided:
Starts with a zigzag. This pattern gives surprisingly different results depending on how you fill it from organic to almost to an almost mechanical look where it is hard to distinguish the heart shape.

My favourite fill approach for Heart Divided, is to fill the hearts with, yes, more hearts. Love the finished result with a bit of shading along the "columns".

Heart "S"
I scribbled this pattern along the edge of a piece of paper, not even consciously thinking where I was headed with it - I think it must have been percolating away in the back of my mind and didn't reveal itself until it was finally "cooked".

What's Valentine's day without a few flowers? The little kick on Heart S makes it easy to extend this pattern, too.

A little bit of randomising:

As I was playing around with the Heart "S" pattern I experienced a paradigm shift - I realised that basically I was stacking s's - this seriously hadn't occurred to me and I wonder if I'm the only person in the world who hadn't realised that a whole heap of alternating stacked s's make hearts? I love, love when a pattern breaks down into this type of simplified format that is so easy for our brain to understand - making it so simple to draw, not to mention randomising all over the place!

Heart "S"  - no kick

Randomised with some little scroll dotty things added onto the end of each s:

I can't wait to make some pattern videos with these!

So, that's it. We're done. Hearts - you and I........sooooooo over! Well, till next year...........or until I feel like drawing them again.



Diva Dance Hearts

Are you getting tired of hearts yet? Here's one of my favourites heart drawings that I've put together this month.

I know you're going to be able to see that red heart in the centre of this Diva Dance framework, but can you see that the framework itself is actually made up of a whole stack of hearts, too? Take a look - by my count there's at least 10, but there could be more. I tried to create a heart shape with each new section as I drew it.

Still very hot here.


Heartfully - PATTERN

We are having an absolute scorcher here in Hoddles Creek today - it has almost reached the high of 40degC as I sit here composing this post. Fortunately it takes a few continuous days of heat for our old farmhouse to become really hot - unfortunately, the next 7 days are forecast to be really hot. Ah, well, at least I have kicking back to read a book scheduled into my calendar for the rest of the afternoon.

Here is today's pattern: Heartfully. Yep, it's full of hearts. Don't hurt me because I'm no good at the whole "naming the pattern thing".

There's only so many directions that you can go using hearts in patterns and I think I've almost run my idea well dry.........though, I might have one more to put out there. Along with updating the gallery, pattern and video sections of the blog......it's on my to do list. I'll have to see how I cope with the heat this week as to what gets done.

So, Heartfully. The first version I played with has curved hearts, and reminds me a bit of Bracketed when the halo detail is added. The second, uses regular hearts. Click on the images for a larger view.

Love, love grid based patterns as you can use them to fill anything and it's so much easier to do a bit of randomising here and there.

Detail work and shading really help this pattern out, too.

I have plans to do a video on this one.........once the weather cools down in another week or so.

Have a great weekend. I'm heading straight to my book stash to find a good one to dig into :)



Heart stack.

Just a drawing today. A little stacked heart.

Have a good one!



 My Heartstrings pattern (here's the pattern step out and video links) is definitely up there as one of my most favourite. Love it.

Sadly, I hadn't played with it for a while - too many patterns, too little time. And, let's face it, I have a really, really short attention span. After seeing some of the gorgeous efforts on Adele Bruno's "It's a String Thing Challenge" back in December, I was re-inspired to use Heartstrings again. And to use red! I am loving red at the moment.



Aquafleur Poppy - VIDEO

I know, I know - I have self control issues. This post is technically going up as part of last week's diva challenge using Aquafleur - don't worry I'm still doing hearts - got all my posts lined up. And, besides, it's got red it in. There's RED! That kind of qualifies as a Valentine's theme, right? Okay, I'm reaching and I know it.......let's just keep moving it along.

A little insight into my personal brand of craziness - if there's a pattern that interests me, particularly a challenging one, I can't leave it alone. I just have to work it right out of my system before I can let it go. I like to progress through the stages of learning it and sometimes varying/randomising, or in this case, seeing if it worked for me freehand. I also loved, loved some of the challenge pieces that I saw this week done in shades of grey, so wanted to try this too.

So, here it is - freehand Aquafleur. I put a centre in it and am calling it a poppy. I really loved drawing the pattern this way - it's more flowing and better suits the way I draw. I'm pretty sure that's how I'm just going to do it from now on.

The same piece photocopied and coloured red - I couldn't commit on the original. I actually really love the dotty shading areas created by photocopying - I only wish I could be bothered replicating that effect with a pen - way to tedious and time consuming for me. As opposed to taking 100's of photos stepping out a drawing. LOL.

Here's the video. Done with 100ish photos. I had to rush to beat the lighting creeping across my desk again so there's a bit of variation in shadow/light.

Am I done yet? I don't know! LOL.


Let the love-fest begin

It's February! A busy month for us with my wedding anniversary, my youngest daughter's birthday, and, of course Valentines Day.

So, for the next two weeks it's going to be all hearts, all the time (well, o.k., except for maybe a challenge response or two that I might slot in there as well.........hmmmmmm.......)

O.k., so for the next two weeks it's going to be almost all hearts, all the time, here on the blog.

I'm planning on a few patterns and drawings, generally just a bit of fun to celebrate February and all its love-filled goodness. Hope you enjoy! As for me, I'm just loving the fact that I'm getting some use out of my poorly neglected red markers!!!

Let's start with a pattern.

In my usual non-original style I've called it Heartline. There's hearts, there's lines...........so there you go. LOL.

Here's a finished piece with the pattern a little randomised:

The basic pattern:

Try it in rows for areas that you need to block in:

Happy February.