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Breaking out the Moleskine

The sudden rush of activity? All due to the fact that we had a bit of a cold week - and me, being the fair-weather gardener that I am, spent most of my time indoors drawing and reading. The sun is shining again and hay carting is about to

Anyway, this week I cracked open one of my moleskine folios. It's been ages since I've done a bit of random doodling, so I guess it was time.

Moleskine doodle with flowers and scrolls

Some time back I did a series of these once a week, but I'm not really very good at long-term projects, so I didn't keep it up for long. If you're interested you can check out all the moleskine posts here.

Here's my second 3.5 inch challenge square for the FB Group: Square One Zentangle - this week it was to use Assunta. Since I've been having an Inapod romance this week, I combined the two. I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying freewheeling on the smaller format.

Assunta pattern on standard size zentangle tile

Around home: 

I put my name down on the swarm list with my local bee group - and got a call to come pick one up (fortunately it is a watch and learn set up because, you know, I really have no idea what I'm doing yet!) It turned out the swarm had already started putting up comb, so they were pretty well settled in - they had to be cut out of the bush and placed in the box as is. Here they are 2 weeks later, making comb on the outer frames - eventually the comb/bush will be cycled out of the hive.

Bees from swarm pickup

Koala news!!!! We are lucky to have 25 acres of bush on our farm and earlier this week John came down to tell me we had a Koala in the bush (we've never seen one on our property), so I trotted along with my telephoto lens to check it out. So, so excited. No idea where he came from, but I feel pretty special that he chose our bush to hang out and I think it's fair to say that this guy is now my koala! He was about 20-30 metres up the gumtree, so hard to get a good pic, but if you open it up you'll see part of he's cute face and a beady little eye.

Koala in gum tree

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. Awwww look at the little fella. How exciting for you Helen - your very own Aussie teddy bear :) My kids and I ( are looking after 2 spiny leaf insects so am having to search our suburbs for the perfect juciest gum leaves....i always look out to see if there are any Koalas....but no luck. Love the doodle. Do you plan these or does your pen make up its own mind - still struggling to "remember" patterns and getting frustrated with myself.

    1. Hi Tracy - I don't plan them, just keep adding until I've decided it's done. The hardest part is starting :) I don't usually do any formal patterns on these, just outline, outline :) h

  2. Wow Helen, your own Koala. Looks like the little fellow has found his comfort in your bushes. I love your Assunta-Inapod tile. Looks great with the highlighting and shading.

  3. Helen - you are so lucky to have the koala! When I lived in Sydney, I always looked and looked for one when we went to any bush; every time I come back, I search and search, but I've never seen one, other than in the zoo.
    I don't know how to manage to fit in all that you do during the day, but I so love to hear about your adventures. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art, your farm and your thoughs.

  4. Beautiful artwork. I want a Koala, they are so cute, I envy you.

  5. Beautiful work. I saw your Assunta tile on Square One. Was recognizable as yours even before I saw your name. Love the shading and the inclusion of Onomato. I have not finished this one and will probably combine it with Ing since it has taken me so long.

    1. ING will be a bit of a struggle for me, Donald, not sure where to go with it, but I'll give it a go.

  6. Okay, so your tangles are always beautiful. I expect that. But, a Koala!!!!!! Now that's exciting. I'm so happy for you. Have you named him yet?

    1. We are notoriously hopeless at naming anything, Jean. My jersey cow is called Jersey, her calf "calfie", the bull "bullie". LOL. We'll just call this one the "Koala".

  7. Hi Helen:
    I always live to receive your Wonderful tangles. And how exciting to have a Koala on your property.
    Good luck with your bees.
    Thanks for keeping us inspired! You certainly have a talent girl!!!
    Hugs, Sheila

  8. It's so exotic to open your posts and find news of a swarm of bees and a Koala is the bush. I'm live outside Chicago where nothing like that happens at all. I once entertained the idea of hosting a hive of bees, but I have been told that the crop duster would kill them the first fly over. bummer.
    Keep us up to date on the antics of your Koala.


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