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Thinking pink?

After three boys (12, 11 and 4 years older than me), my parents finally had me.......the long awaited little girl. Planned? Nope........but you can bet I was the cutest mistake ever - always singing and dancing and basically just a joy to behold. How could it be possible that I was anything but the favourite? LOL.

A very rare photo of me and my dad, Hanging Rock, Victoria
(check out the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock - an Australian cult classic)

So, what does this have to do with this week's diva challenge which is to use pink in honour of someone who has been touched by breast cancer? I am so very fortunate to have not had any family or close friends with breast cancer, so along to dedicating this piece to those who have, I am also posting it in memory of my dad, who passed away when I was 15, and would always ask me "are you thinking pink?" (this was his way of asking me whether I was happy). And, yes, dad......I am.

I find pink quite hard to use, so have stuck with just a few touches :)

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful tile - and story...!

  2. I LOVE this Helen! I'm also a lucky person and have no friends or family with cancer. We're few as I understand.

  3. Very elegant ZIA with just enough pink.

  4. Gorgeous! So elegant and just the pink lining.

  5. Helen - wonderfully worded tribute to your Dad - I had a wonderful Dad too, taken from us much too young, only 48, but what an influence he had!
    I was lucky enough to climb Hanging Rock about 2 years ago - only me and a couple of llama (don't ask!) that day, and the descent in a heavy rain storm - it was eerie but beautiful.
    By the way, as usual your ZIA is beautiful, and you used the pink elegantly! I wish that other cancers had such recognizable colours! My daughter was diagnosed with NH lymphoma when she was 32 (fortunately she's in remission now); that's a cancer afflicting more and more young people and it doesn't have the money behind it that breast cancer does.
    As always Helen, a lovely post and a bright spot with my breakfast!

  6. This is an awesome Tile, Helen. Love you line work, and the shading is the best. Love the pattern. The picture of you and your Dad is priceless. Love your work.

  7. Your shading just makes this look like love and ice cream. What a great memory about your dad asking you to think pink.

  8. Great tile and as usual your shading is superb. Looking forward to seeing some of your posts on Square One.

  9. Hi Helen love your story and lovely artwork. I'd like to try this challenge as I have lost several family members to cancer. Can you please tell me where to find the instructions on posting. I am new to this kind of thing. Thanks


    1. Thank you :) I am sorry to hear that you have had losses to cancer in you family.

      You can find the challenge at: - or you can click on the "this weeks diva challenge" link in the post above. Hope this helps :) h

  10. A beautiful tribute and the touch of pink is perfect.

  11. Beautiful tile. It's nice to see that you have joined Square One so we can see some "Helenisms" done with the patterns suggested :)

  12. thank you for sharing.One of my good friends is going through breast cancer and is just starting chemo.

  13. great story to go with a stunning tile! My dad's 10th anniversary of his death is Nov 5 this year, so he's been on my mind a lot lately, and I love his sparkle, asking you if you're in the pink. Sweet!
    And I find your use of pink to be absolutely delectable. Though it is one of my favorite colors, I don't use it a lot either. Your subtle use of it here inspires me to take my pink project that direction, too.
    Beautifully done!

  14. beautiful artwork, as usual. love just that subtle touch of pink


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