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Journal 13 Wrap Up - part 1

Another day, another journal. No 13 - done and dusted!

(me and my besties) 
Journals from June 2012 - today

When I finish filling all the pages of a journal, I like to take a look back through - I generally have half-finished ideas, random doodles and notes, and occasionally a few gems that are worth polishing up. It's also a great way to refresh my memory on what I've been doing, and, always interesting to see how long it has taken me to get through the journal, too.

No. 13 has been the longest  so far spanning 5 1/2 months - generally I'll average a journal every 2-3 months. During the time I've been working in this journal, though, I wrote my latest e-book Light and Shadow - so pretty much all of my drawings went into that, finished my Permaculture Design Certificate, had a very demanding baby lamb to look after, and had a shocking case of the flu. Yep, it all makes sense now :)

I had a flick back through and surprisingly found more things to share than I expected, so I'm going to do this in 2 parts. Part 2 will be posted in the next day or two

So here it is, the random selection from Journal 13 part 1:

Hope you have an amazing day :)


  1. Hello Helen,

    Just wondering where do you actually get your journal books from because I can't seem to find the better quality types to do my drawings in. I have used many different types of papers some which are from proper art stores which are expensive and sometimes I like the results. But I thought I should ask you what you use and where you get them from so I could get some try it out to see if I can improve on my drawings. You obviously have a favourite after 13 journals by the way congratulations on your achievements. Happy zentangling Helen. Regards Julie Beard

    1. Hi Julie, I stick with fairly inexpensive journals and there is always some compromise with that. I like a journal that allows me to erase pencil cleanly, has a white background and smooth surface. I mostly stick with the following A4 Visual Diaries: Windsor & Newton; Derwent or Quill - they are not perfect, but the best I have found for the price I want to pay. You should be able to find the all at Officeworks.

      Hope this helps :)


  2. Hi Helen,

    Thank you very much for a quick reply Helen. I will give Officework a look next week. As I want to explorer my drawing much more in the new year. Thanks again Julie.

  3. Your flower is so adorable.... and I love your 3rd vine.

  4. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  5. You are one busy lady. Congrats on getting your Permaculture Design Certificate. Actually congrats on all that you have done. Can hardly wait for a new e-book.


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