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Curly Bracket Feather - PATTERN

I love it when something suddenly seems so obvious, you can't figure out why it never occurred to you before. Today's obvious idea is the combination guessed it.....curly brackets & feathers.

I am a big fan of visualising individual shapes, rather than the whole. It makes it easier to achieve the end result rather than being overwhelmed. Please explain? In this case.........I was able to concentrate on creating curly bracket shapes (i.e. super-easy to draw). Draw a group of them along a spine/centre line and you'll end up with a feather.

Here goes:
Easy to make a bit fancier with more flourished brackets:


  1. wow! that brings it down to something i might actually be able to do :) yay!!!!

  2. Helen, thanks for sharing this, I have just been commissioned to do a piece with birds and feathers. This is perfect!!

  3. Brilliant! I've steered away from feathers till now - I'm just off to find my pens! Thank you SO much!!

  4. Really nice. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Going to have to try this. One of the patterns like to use is Featherfall. This would be a great compliment.


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