Pattern Organisation

I love organising stuff. Any kind of stuff. Again, again and over again. Who knows why? I just do it.

Over the last few months, very on and off - I've been organising my tangle patterns (yes, again!) - I've done a couple of posts in the past, about the system I use -  you can read about it in this post,  (it's Sandy Hunter/Tanglebucket, super-tangler's, very cool organisation idea).

So, anyway, when I initially drew out the patterns, I did them pretty quickly and without a lot attention to detail, just to get them done. Now I'm going back and tidying up or redoing the little tiles. I'm also being a little more selective with the patterns that I'm including as there's just some that I'll never use.

I really enjoy drawing out patterns when I'm not inspired to do anything else - it makes me feel productive and often flexes the creative muscles so that I end up drawing something in my journal anyway! Not today, though :)

The other thing that I'm doing as I'm going through, is to catalogue all of the patterns in Evernote. It's new to me this year, but I am using it a lot. Love that I can have it across all the PC's/devices that I regularly use, especially my 7' tablet (the perfect handbag size and goes everywhere for me). I can add tags to the patterns so I can search and categorise however I want. Love, love, love.

I'm only up to the B's. But am steadily making progress.

Also, for anyone who is interested, if you follow A Little Lime on Facebook, and like to see my feed in your News Feed, you may like to select "Get Notifications" under the "Liked" tab situated under the page header image - apparently Pages is going through another update which will make feeds more difficult to see - obviously just liking a page isn't enough. LOL.

Hope you weekend has been fabulous, we are having such terrific weather! I built another huge compost pile (I know! Madness........it comes early here in the hills), that took me 7 hours to make. It's working away and will be spread over the new potager garden when it's ready in around 12 weeks! Just in time for Spring.