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Journal wrap up

If you've been visiting for a while you'll know that I generally like to take a bit of a tour through my journals when I finish them and see if I've got any interesting bits and pieces to share.

I wrapped up my latest journal a few weeks ago, and as I was cleaning up my room today (because I had to make space for the ridiculously huge drafting table that I bought off ebay this weekend!!!), I had a quick flick through the journal and there wasn't really all that much there - I've had a dismal drawing period over the past couple of months where I was so busy, feeling flat and really not all that inspired. When I could be bothered drawing at all, I tended to start things and not be interested in following through, hence there were a number of half-baked pieces that, honestly, aren't worth completing.

Here's what I salvaged from the debris. LOL.

A bit of Rixty play - I should go and have a look at the challenge pieces for this one as I bet others have done some amazing stuff with the pattern, but thus far, it's not one that has really grabbed me.

There was a Quandary challenge a while back - pretty sure I would've drawn this at the time.

Now, for some fun news. Back when I worked in the scrapbooking industry (quite a few years ago, practically the dark ages), I did a lot of work for a stamp company here in Australia, Stamp It - I would do convention workshops for them and the occasional bit of stamp designing. I hadn't submitted anything for years, but sent along a few of my drawings last year - here are the ones that are part of their new catalogue.

I'm not a stamper so the stamped impressions are not all that great - I've probably used the wrong ink, wrong technique, etc, etc.

There's something about seeing my designs turn into a 3-d item that I find so thrilling!

Hope your weekend has been fabulous. We've been spending most of our time inside as the weather has been dismal, though I have been closely monitoring the temperatures of my compost heap and researching ideas for my potager garden - it's starting to shape up in my head and I'm getting very excited. Hopefully we'll get some better weather later in the weekend so I can get outside and DO STUFF!



  1. Very cool about the stamps. For some reason though, putting your name in the search bar on their website does not bring these up. So if anyone is looking for those specifically they will find them under:
    Butterfly Curl - Code: si4852e
    Cone Flower - Code: si4850e
    Gumnut Flower - Code: si4851e
    and Poppy Anemones - Code: si4849e

    1. Krys, thank you! I didn't even think to put the codes on :)

    2. Hi Helen,

      I wonderful drawings and now stamps. What else! Anyway I'm on the hunt for them helen. Would be grateful for any additional information.

    3. Hi Julie, Sorry for the slow reply. You can contact Stamp It for a list of stockists (or they may have one on their website). - hope this helps :) Helen

  2. Hi Hellen, which are again beautiful drawings!
    I have held ever tried to tanglen a pattern from you.
    I still have much to learn!
    But there was a lot of fun.
    Thank you!
    Happy Sunday, * Manja *

  3. All are beautiful - as always :)

  4. I love your Rixty on the far right - where they are getting sucked into each other. I'm finding I like drawing more rounded Rixty - I did a nice piece to demonstrate but used the wrong paper/pen combo and smudged the lot!

  5. Beautiful, Helen! And I agree -- how cool to see your drawings turned into a 3-dimensional, tangible item. Congrats! And enjoy your new drafting table. :) I always loving looking at your creations. Always so inspiring.

  6. Thank you for your honesty Helen. To try and force something creative just doesn't work. To have someone as talented as you admit a "drawing slump" encourages the rest of us.

  7. Your butterfly on the left inspired me a week or two ago... let me see if I can find the post here...yep, here it is, at the bottom of this post...

    Love all the stuff you posted here, and as always, you inspire me to at least try new things.
    Thank you. :)

    1. Thanks, Amy - your drawing looks great! Lucky delivery person :) You can see the original drawing that this one came from here: - h.


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