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aquafleur rose Last week I sat down to put together something for the diva's weekly challenge, and as soon as I started drawing circles with interconnecting lines......I veered of onto tubes and cones. Love, love, love drawing these.

You can see my in progress pieces on the A Little Lime Facebook Page (some connected tubes, which I finished but didn't love), and this rose, which is a little odd (I think) with the juxtaposition of the surrealistic stacked cone centre and the flowing aquafleur petals. But, I like it. I do love squeezing in a bit of aquafluer wherever I can!
It really needs a stem and a leaf or two to ground it, but, after I was done with the shading I just didn't want to work on it anymore! LOL.

I am in the middle of a heap of gardening (yes, still). We are having a fabulous week weather-wise and now that the tree is down and the wood stacked (finally finished the last 3 hours of that this morning!), I can lay down my sheet mulch and build a couple of big compost piles where the garden is going to be. Also finished re-doing the front entrance flower bed to a perennial bed (mostly) in mauve, yellow and white and am half way through laying down sawdust paths in the vegetable garden and getting ready to re-vamp the herb bed.

I've also decided to do a whole stack of extra work to attain my Diploma of Permaculture by November. No rest for the wicked! Still, it keeps me out of trouble.

Hope your week is fabulous!


  1. Wunderwundervoll! ♡
    Schönen Tag,*Manja*

  2. I like all of your art....and I particularly like this one.

  3. looove this.
    seems 'doable' for a beginner like me.
    we'll see!!!
    thank you

  4. Gorgeous as usual Helen. Have been thinking on my own flower design for the last few days. H'm I think I'm off to do some drawing. Thanks Helen great job. Love it!

  5. Hello Helen,
    This is beautiful.

  6. This is one of the preetiest roses ive ever seen. Please, please, repost when you've added the stem and leaves. Your artwork is simply the best. Thanks for always being so generous with sharing your artwork and helping us learn your techniques. If you remember I sent you a card I made for my daughter incorporating your version of Morning Glories, she couldn't get over how beautiful it was. I told her all about you. So, thank you once again.

  7. Oh, Helen! I love this. Please, PLEASE (when you have time) post a tutorial on how to do that rose step by step. One of your best! ...and I love EVERYTHING you do!


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