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Have you seen Sandy Hunter's gorgeous new pattern, Lola? Love, love. I was thrilled when Sandy asked me to experiment with Lola before the reveal on her blog, so exciting! I managed to squeeze in some Lola play during the craziness that has been my life over the past few weeks.

To see all of Sandy's wonderful samples (I adore the butterfly versions and frankly, am incredibly jealous that I didn't think of using Lola that way myself!!!), a few more small ones from me, plus (most importantly) a step out of how to draw Lola visit the blog post here.

While you're there, take some time to have a good look around at Sandy's amazing work. I am in awe of her tangle remixes!

Hope the remainder of your week is fabulous - I have a sketched idea for this week's challenge  along with a deadline piece that I have to complete by tomorrow night (gulp). The clock is ticking - I guess I'd better work on that deadline first, huh?

Also, thank you so much for the comments on my challenge drawing last week - I feel awful that I just have not been able to get around and comment on other people's work for a while. Things should be (almost) back to normal again soon.


  1. this tangle is so much fun to play with! i'm glad sandy asked you to give your spin on it. every person's perspective is going to be different and i like to look at them all!


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