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When I hit a drawing road block I often find myself doodling swirl designs. They're fun do when you just want to create something, but not really have to think about it too much.

Still trying to find the best settings for this new scanner. Now I need to think of something for this weeks challenge :)


  1. your swirl designs !

  2. These swirl designs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great day.

  3. Lovely as always.
    What scanner are you using?
    At what settings?
    Also, many thanks for mentioning Pixelmator.
    Haven't tried printing yet, but the online outcomes look quite good.
    I switched from PShop to Elements when I got my latest Mac, because of the cost and hate it.

    1. Hi Adela. Thank you. I am using a canon scanner - at the moment I'm using the auto settings - I've haven't had a very good result from either the document, magazine or photo scan settings - the colours are off and a bit pixelated in the shading areas. I am really enjoying pixelmator - some things are a little laborious as I'm used to photoshop and I find text layers a bit frustrating, but I'm getting there - and of course the price difference is so huge I don't mind having to spend a bit more time figuring it out. I've used PSE too and would never do so again. Useless.

  4. I am new to tangling and have been watching you. You have inspired me to go beyond my senses of being creative...I just wish I had the push when I was younger. Thank-you for sharing your art!

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment :) It's never too late to learn and you'll have lots of fun along the way :) hx


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