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Spiral - Challenge #158

I love using spirals in my drawings in lots of different ways, but for whatever reason I wasn't feeling all that inspired this week.

I've had a lot on and drawing hasn't been a priority. So sad :(

Anyway, I wanted to have a go at the challenge and did a coloured spiral piece that I liked, but didn't love (coming up when I have time to scan) and then, FINALLY, got in the spiralling frame of mind and did a couple of doodles when I decided to flick through my pattern journal for fill inspiration. I didn't make it past the A's. As soon as saw aquafluer I knew it would work perfectly - it seemed so obvious as it often looks like a spiral anyway.

So, here it is.

I've had a quick look at the list of entries for this challenge - so, so many I don't know if I'll make much of a dent in seeing them this week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. As always soooooooooooooooo elegant!

  2. Nice shading, very fluid, love how the eye travels through the entire piece!

  3. This is what I would have done if I could have figured out the perfect response to the challenge! You are truly amazing! Thank you Helen, for making my day!

  4. Love it! I had been waiting eagerly to see what you would do!

  5. Love! You are extremely talented :)

  6. Aquafleur jumped out at me too. Although we have very different results - isn't that the wonder of Zentangle. It really looks like yours could swim along on those little tendrils! Beautiful.

  7. Aquafleur as a spiral is absolutely fantastic. Your Zia is so lovely and airy.

  8. Fabulous as always, Helen. I not only love everything you do, I also love Aquafleur; perfect pairing.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and very elegant!

  10. your artistic style is so beautiful. I wish I could emulate what you do, I just bought your e-book. How do you schedule time to draw? Every day? Every week? I am having a hard time just making myself draw, sometimes I don't feel inspired.

    1. Thank you! I draw most days, but do go through periods where I'm just not feeling inspired at all. Generally I'll just take a break for a week or so and concentrate on other things (it's usually when I've got a lot of other stuff on, anyway). I am a big believer though in the more you draw the more creative you become. If I want to do something but don't have any inspired ideas, I'll just draw pattern tiles for my log book, or have a play with a pattern - this usually gets me going again and keeps me in practice. Hope this helps :) hx

  11. Absolutely beautiful. Just what I needed to get me started again!

  12. i wish i could do this when i am uninspired :(
    haha! love your work, helen!


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