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This affair is!

February 14th! Happy Valentine's Day!! Love, love,, love! Before we bring the Valentine's/Heart theme to an end, I've got some last minute love to spread around. Here goes........ grab a notepad and pen (you may find yourself spontaneously doodling). And, maybe, a coffee.....this is going to be a long one.

So, you know, I've been kind of immersing myself in hearts. I think I've hit that alternate reality where the heart and I have become one. I AM the heart. LOL.

Finding more ways to work with them was a real challenge - and, I loved it - there's nothing more interesting to me than trying to break down a pattern and working out its secrets.

I like to create patterns that are continuous: they are more versatile, can flow on in any direction infinitely and fit into any space - otherwise, for me, they're too limiting. To that end, hearts are a difficult shape to work with - one end geometric, the other curvy and not many ways they'll fit together - meaning a lot of pattern attempts end up with a similar look.

Over the past few days I decided to experiment with some different approaches such as grids, zigzags, etc......the end results have some variations, but are essentially still "nested" hearts. I think that you could pretty much choose your favourite starting approach to achieve something very similar - the real difference is made by fill/shading choices.

Heart Box:
Let's start off with a super-easy one first - I almost didn't bother including it because it is so very basic with a simple fill in grid approach, but I kind of love the way it looks when it's blocked in and shaded. So, in it goes:

Heart Divided:
Starts with a zigzag. This pattern gives surprisingly different results depending on how you fill it from organic to almost to an almost mechanical look where it is hard to distinguish the heart shape.
 My favourite fill approach for Heart Divided, is to fill the hearts with, yes, more hearts. Love the finished result with a bit of shading along the "columns".
Heart "S"
I scribbled this pattern along the edge of a piece of paper, not even consciously thinking where I was headed with it - I think it must have been percolating away in the back of my mind and didn't reveal itself until it was finally "cooked".
What's Valentine's day without a few flowers? The little kick on Heart S makes it easy to extend this pattern, too.
A little bit of randomising:
As I was playing around with the Heart "S" pattern I experienced a paradigm shift - I realised that basically I was stacking s's - this seriously hadn't occurred to me and I wonder if I'm the only person in the world who hadn't realised that a whole heap of alternating stacked s's make hearts? I love, love when a pattern breaks down into this type of simplified format that is so easy for our brain to understand - making it so simple to draw, not to mention randomising all over the place!

Heart "S"  - no kick
Randomised with some little scroll dotty things added onto the end of each s:
I can't wait to make some pattern videos with these!

So, that's it. We're done. Hearts - you and I........sooooooo over! Well, till next year...........or until I feel like drawing them again.



  1. (laughting) Ohhh're amazing.
    I love your hearts - they are all soft, round, and they show harmony - no inner anger.
    Thanks for sharing with us ;-)

  2. Hi Helen, to the heart composed of two "S" I thought from the beginning reading your post, by this time I have not thought about it. You're great ... thanks for sharing. Sorry my English, google translator :-)

  3. I absolutely love your work. You have such clean following lines. Love the Heart gallery. Thank you:)

  4. Like all your variations. Had down a similar heart with the "S" a couple of years ago but never posted it or pursued it further. Mine were not as symmetrical as yours. Though.

  5. These are absolutely delightful Helen! As is your artwork, always. I definitely want to try some of these.

  6. You made me smile despite the snow piling up outside! If we could all count on the same lovely results we'd run right out and have an affair! Thanks for sharing your "affair" with us!

  7. I am so impressed with your lovely designs.
    Your first may have started out with a simple idea but you have made it into something wonderful, especially with the addition of the larger hearts at the right, the change of scale.
    The third one is very striking and I like the way you have shaded some of it.
    And the fifth one, with the flowers, what a really lovely design, very creative.
    It's all super improvising on the one heart pattern, very clever and creative work.

  8. You just keep on amazing me with your lovely designs.Thanks for sharing!

  9. These designs are wonderful. I agree with all the other comments. May I download the designs or where can I buy some. Lovies

    1. Thank you! Feel free to use the pattern step outs to create your own designs from :) hx

  10. Thanks, everyone! I had a lot of fun with the valentines/heart theme this year!! hx

  11. oh this looks like so much fun thanks for the inspiration

  12. Love all your variations. So very much fun.

  13. Dear 'Miss' Helen, I surely appreciated your sharing the unique hearts' motifs. They are a lovely addition to my zen tangle repertoire. Very generous hearted of you(pun intended)­čśůgratefully, Marky Mander, Pipe Creek l, TX

  14. Dear Miss Helen, I just love your work, thank you so much for sharing :)


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