Let the love-fest begin

It's February! A busy month for us with my wedding anniversary, my youngest daughter's birthday, and, of course Valentines Day.

So, for the next two weeks it's going to be all hearts, all the time (well, o.k., except for maybe a challenge response or two that I might slot in there as well.........hmmmmmm.......)

O.k., so for the next two weeks it's going to be almost all hearts, all the time, here on the blog.

I'm planning on a few patterns and drawings, generally just a bit of fun to celebrate February and all its love-filled goodness. Hope you enjoy! As for me, I'm just loving the fact that I'm getting some use out of my poorly neglected red markers!!!

Let's start with a pattern.

In my usual non-original style I've called it Heartline. There's hearts, there's lines...........so there you go. LOL.

Here's a finished piece with the pattern a little randomised:

The basic pattern:

Try it in rows for areas that you need to block in:

Happy February.