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Breaking out Jailed Johnny!

One of my annoying, disorganised habits is to sketch ideas on scraps of paper and leave them everywhere. If they don't end up in my bag, with a message or note on the back or dumped in the bin, they usually end up on my desk upstairs in the hope that I may actually do something with them.

I discovered this on my desk today when I went upstairs to do some drawing:

It's a little brainstorming sketch that I did after seeing the Jailed Johnny UMT diva challenge a few weeks ago - I didn't have any time that week to participate, but doodled out a couple of ideas anyway. Today, with no specific drawing idea in mind was the perfect opportunity to work up the ideas.

Here are the results:

Jailed Johnny Fern Branches (for some reason these make me think of the NZ fern emblem even though they don't really look anything like it).
Jailed Johnny String (you'll have to look hard to find the JJ pattern in this one, I got more carried away with the string loops than sticking to the framework).
A busy few days coming up but I'm hoping to get to this weeks challenge :)


  1. I love them both, So lovely how you did JJ.
    And yes I can see JJ in the second one.....very delicate :)

  2. Awesome, both of your jailed johnny pieces. The first one I just adore, it is as if there are hanging some cute little annimals on the twigs. My first thought was of koalas. I don't know why, but that's what came up i.n my mind when I first looked at your piece.


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