Aquafleur Poppy - VIDEO

I know, I know - I have self control issues. This post is technically going up as part of last week's diva challenge using Aquafleur - don't worry I'm still doing hearts - got all my posts lined up. And, besides, it's got red it in. There's RED! That kind of qualifies as a Valentine's theme, right? Okay, I'm reaching and I know it.......let's just keep moving it along.

A little insight into my personal brand of craziness - if there's a pattern that interests me, particularly a challenging one, I can't leave it alone. I just have to work it right out of my system before I can let it go. I like to progress through the stages of learning it and sometimes varying/randomising, or in this case, seeing if it worked for me freehand. I also loved, loved some of the challenge pieces that I saw this week done in shades of grey, so wanted to try this too.

So, here it is - freehand Aquafleur. I put a centre in it and am calling it a poppy. I really loved drawing the pattern this way - it's more flowing and better suits the way I draw. I'm pretty sure that's how I'm just going to do it from now on.

The same piece photocopied and coloured red - I couldn't commit on the original. I actually really love the dotty shading areas created by photocopying - I only wish I could be bothered replicating that effect with a pen - way to tedious and time consuming for me. As opposed to taking 100's of photos stepping out a drawing. LOL.

Here's the video. Done with 100ish photos. I had to rush to beat the lighting creeping across my desk again so there's a bit of variation in shadow/light.

Am I done yet? I don't know! LOL.