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drumroll please.........and the winner is..............?

Wow, what a huge response to my cover choice post - I was blown away - you're all amazing - I expected maybe 20 or 30 comments. LOL. Thank you all for your input. Love, love, love.

So, as I said, we had planned a very scientific response to picking a winner, I was all for getting the kittens (Erin's Christmas present this year - brings our total to five cats, and me two steps closer to being officially labelled as "That Mad Cat Woman from Hoddles Creek".....yeah, that one! She has 100 cats, has conversations with them and never leaves the house - there may also be hoarding involved . Gets a glimpse into the future......likes what she sees! LOL!

And, because Erin really, really wanted to pick out a number between 1 and 249, we decided we would give away two books today. She picked 19, so comment 19 :

2. Definitely 2. But they're both wonderful.
and, via the ballot:
Both are awesome. I agree with Susan and others that Option 2 is probably more visually consistent with the title of your book--so it gets my vote--even though Option 1 is my fav.
are the winners!
Congratulations :)
Could you guys email me  so I have the details in order to send your copies of the book when it is all ready to go? I'm getting close and it shouldn't be too much longer, now :)
Thanks again everyone!


  1. OMG I am so excited!! I never win ANYTHING!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  2. that was a unique draw Helen; congratulations to Ami and Sabrina

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners!!!

  4. Congratulations to the winners. I love your cat ballot Helen - they are definitely such endearing creatures with paper.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Congrats to the winners! Love the cat, Helen. I'm pretty pumped to get the book:)

  6. The kitten is sooo cute! Congratulations to the winners. Linda E.

  7. Helen, I just found better directions for drawing Aquafleur! Go to Flickr, type in Emily Perkins, or type in Aquafleur Zentangle and there you are. I keep searching for directions on drawing this tangle, now I think I can do it.

    1. Hi Lynda, thanks! I checked it out - I love seeing how other people approach patterns - especially when we have to use our own imagination to figure it out! hx

  8. Congratulations to the winners and how cute is your daughter's kitten! I love the fact that there was a cat ballot, it looks as if there were a lot of winners chosen in that mouthful!!


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