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aquafleur? feather

I am so glad that my husband went back to work today - the two weeks he had off over Christmas just about killed me with all the stuff he needed help with. Hay carting and cows. Over and over. Again and again. We had a huge drama with one of our cows on Friday - this cow has always been a bit of a troublemaker cutting through electric fences and once jumping over a high metal gate when we separated out some cows - she's pushy, too, but John has hung onto her because she has great calves. Anyway, she has developed an eye infection and we bought her into the cattle yard to administer the spray, we got that done and whilst getting the gates sorted she jumped the cattle yard gate (a tall, heavy duty metal gate). Well, the stupid thing got her leg caught over the top with her hoof caught on the 2nd top rung - we thought for sure she was going to break her leg before we could get it out - it was so horrible. She went down to her knees (with her leg still stuck over the gate) a few times whilst we were trying to get the gate off its hinges - eventually, when we almost had the gate off,  she somehow pulled free and, unbelievably, is only walking with a bit of a limp! Now though, she won't go near the cattle yards and jumps fences at will to get away from us so we are struggling to give her the medication she needs - a huge hassle every day. If we can get her eye right again, she is now slated to head off to market when our yearly crop go - she has become too difficult and dangerous to handle.

On top of this, yesterday I spent about 10 hours packaging up meat from the steer for our freezer.

I am desperately wanting to draw more, but the world (and John) are conspiring against me. So, I'm glad his holidays are over so I can finally have a break and get other things done!

So, Aquafleur, still playing around trying to nail this pattern from the samples I've seen online. This one has been worked it into of my favourite subjects - feathers. I have another two feathers in progress on the drawing board.

I think I'm getting a little closer though I'm really just taking my best guess on how this pattern is supposed to be drawn.


  1. hi Helen, yes thank god john has gone back to work, LOL, we need you more than the cows , and as usual your work is stunning and so beautiful, HAPPY 2014...........Kate

  2. My favorite designs to draw and to look at are the ones with all the flow to them. Extravagant loops and swirls make me smile.
    My brother raises cattle, just a few. Some for his family, some to sell. It's a lot of work.

  3. It's beautiful. I love feathers too.

  4. I enjoyed your post today. I always like hearing about animals and farms. Your feather is lovely :D


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