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aquafleur feather 2

Wow, guys, I never expected such a huge response to my cover option post - thanks so much for getting involved, and for anyone who still wants to vote there's plenty of time - just put your choice into the comments section of the e-book cover post to be in the running for a free copy of the book when it is ready to be released.

This afternoon, the lighting is right, there's no pressing jobs to do (I'm not counting the mountain of laundry that needs to be done.........I'm just closing the laundry door so I can't see it!), and I am setting myself up to start working on the supporting videos for the book - super-excited to get onto this next stage :)

This feather is very inspired by Carol Ohl's super magical Christmas tree. I think I'm now done with attempting this pattern for the time being, hopefully at some point there'll be some step-outs posted publicly so I can see where I'm going right/wrong - I still feel like I'm missing something.
Have a great day! The sun is finally shining here again in beautiful Hoddles Creek (we've had an unseasonable cold snap over the past week) and it is fabulous!


  1. it's great! and I don't feel anything is missing ;)

  2. Wow Wendy,

    We sound so much a like. I did the exact same thing tonight!!!! Although I will be doing mine tomorrow morning!

    I love what you are doing with your book and are looking to purchase a copy of it!!!! Until next time take care and happy zentangling!!!!

  3. Love, love, love this one. They look like Parrot Tulips without the frills on them. I truly love seeing your Art. I don't consider it Zentagnle (even though the concept is the patterns); I see it as out of the box Zentagnle - taken to another level. Really Art. I too will be purchasing your book and Video. Look forward to it!!!

  4. I don't think you are missing anything with your aquafleur feather. I is absolutely beautiful! It is just as magical as Carol Ohl's Christmas tree. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful work!

  5. I found a you-tube video of aquafleur.Tried it.

  6. Lovely feather. Your work always has such a lovely elegant-but-still-fun flow to it!

  7. I agree with Margaret. You can make even a very heavy tangle like Aquafleur look soft and flowing. It looks beautiful as is.


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