more mooka lovin'

Don't fall off your chair!........I know it's been a long time since I've posted on consecutive days....but.....as of yesterday - I am on school holidays AND the heat has finally broken, it's been raining AND my lovely jersey girl who lost her calf has adopted a calf whose mother was sent to market, so, we only have to milk once a day now. Jersey is happy/calf is happy/we save a lot of time. A win for everyone. Here's a picture of my sweet girls.

So, you knew I couldn't leave the challenge alone right? The mooka.......it speaks to me. And, yes, it IS  totally normal for me to have a picture of it under my pillow and in my wallet. Uh huh...yep....nothing weird or stalker-ish happening here. Just moving right along.......

Onto the pics........

I love connecting up the strings of mooka with these kind of sticky edges.....they're great for hiding a multitude of sins.....like wobbly lines, awkward curves, etc, etc. I go over all my original lines to thicken them up and then curve and fill all the sharp corners. Fun, fun. I did something very similar in my pattern journal a while back but wanted to have another play.

A bit of a variation to create foliage. Alternating strokes of scrolls and leaves.

You can see a more elegant example of this technique back in this post - at the time I also did a video to demo how I did this, but never ended up posting it - probably because I'm more comfortable doing videos on my own patterns - I'm still not really sure how I feel about posting it......... and, also, I didn't know how to correctly pronounce mooka - lol - I still don't but whatever, maybe it will be helpful to someone rather than just sitting in a file on my computer, so here it is:

In the video I add an extra stroke to the leaves - the iris pattern above is just done with single strokes which allows you to create more of a flow and there's the possibility of doing the pattern in a continuous line (if you didn't do cross-over strokes - which I love to do!)

Playing with a paisley design right now.......love, love the holidays!



the many moods of mooka

Did you hear my squeal of excitement when this weeks Diva Challenge was posted? It was seriously loud. 'Cause, ya know.......me and mooka........we're like totally in love. It all started back when I first saw mooka in the video demo........*sigh*........all that delicate swirly goodness......love at first sight. Love, love, love.

I use this pattern a lot, probably way too much (check out the gallery if you want to see some pics). Rather than sticking to a structure, I like to have the scrolls kind of everywhere. I just can't help myself! Usually, though, it's in conjunction with other patterns and the challenge this week was for mooka to go solo.

Here's what I've come up with, I felt like using a bit of colour today:

A mooka trio:

One of the things I find a little clunky with mooka is that the base of the pattern can become a bit bulky and take away from the lovely curly scrolls, so sometimes I like to make the bases of each scroll a single string/thread to reduce the bulk.

A mooka-ish feather:

Some lime goodness:



Challenge #109

This weeks Diva Challenge was fun - I love wrapping things around parallel lines - particularly threads around needles and have done this a few times (check out my gallery if you want to see some examples).

For my challenge piece I went along a similar route, keeping it simple, and less freeform using straight lines between the parallel bars. Hopefully I might get a bit of time to play around with patterns going over the bars, too.



Challenge #108 - Whyz

A short post today.......it's too hot to spend much time on the computer.

It's Autumn here in Melbourne and it is still stinking hot! I cannot believe this endless summer - we had one day of rain..........ONE DAY!!!! and.......that's it. We haven't had a day under 30degC since and this week we'll be up to 38degC.....again! Pretty sure we are breaking records as the March average temp is about 7degC higher than average. So, what this means is - not a lot of drawing for me. I'm still just trying to get through the days of watering the garden, feeding the animals and milking the cow. I normally love summer, but this year I am desperate for a change in weather. Rant end. LOL.

I had bit of a play around with this weeks UMT Diva challenge - Whyz today - I love the way that the focus of it can be altered by changing up the areas that are filled on the design.

Here's what I came up with - in my favourite colour, of course :) Instead of doing straight grid lines, I did wavy ones and decided to highlight the pinwheel element of the design.

Looking forward to seeing what others have done this week :)

Have a great weekend :)


the end of another journal

My journals are a big mix of half finished drawings, random "idea" doodles, patterns, finished drawings and crossed out ugly stuff. Years ago I would have hated that everything wasn't perfect and that it was all bound together in a journal and I had to live with for all eternity........or burn it........! That mindset would have squashed my creativity - and the anxiety of the possibility of it not being perfect from start to finish might have prevented me from starting. Now, I embrace it.......I see it as a progression of my drawing journey. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Love, love, love........... it still doesn't mean I'm planning on posting the ugly stuff for all the world to see.......I'm  not that enlightened. lol.

What I do like to do when I get to the final few pages of a journal is  go back through and see if there are drawings I want to complete (I'm easily distracted and often find a few that I've completely forgotten about) or ideas I want to expand on. It also works as a reminder of what I've been doing and questions people might have asked me about stuff I've done. 

So, here we are at the end of another journal.

This drawing was half finished, I wasn't sure I wanted to complete it as there were a few things I didn't like, but am ultimately happy with the end result. What I love about these type of drawings is it's easy to bury the ugly stuff - just add more.....more. I used a folded curvy line to begin the drawing - these formed the paisley shapes. It was a fun idea and I would like to try it again taking some progression photos.

Same drawing shaded - I didn't know whether it needed the shading, so I kept it subtle. I do like the depth it gives, making the end result more layered. I like it both ways.

From the string challenge a while back - this was from my brainstorming page and I couldn't resist finishing the shading and posting it - I love its simplicity.

Going back through the journal reminded me that I'd had some questions about the auraknot-bunzo flower that I did for that challenge. Here's a pretty basic breakdown of my approach - at step 4 just keep adding lines until you're happy - I didn't do more than 3 as it becomes too chunky otherwise.

I did something like this oval paradox-y think on one of my drawings - I don't know whether I love it or hate it - ovals are so hard to freehand - I used photoshop to create a template which I traced for my step out here so I could keep the size/shape even. Anyway, I'm sure there's other examples of this idea kicking around, but here is how I did it.

So, that's it, another journal done and dusted and time to take its place on the shelf with all the others. I love beginning a new journal, all those blank pages, all the exciting, unknown possibilities. Fantastic.

Hope you're having a great weekend!