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so glad to have my new journal to work in - the old one had the worst paper - it would tear and ball as soon as I tried to erase anything, add colour, smudge with my finger........ugggh......very frustrating, but since I had started it, I had to work through it to the end (yeah, just a little compulsive). I also love, love that the paper in this journal is super-white!

I couldn't decide whether to add any colour to this sketch, I scanned it and played around with different combos in photoshop before I committed my markers to the actual sketch - ended up deciding on just colouring the circles in my favourite colour combo - pink & lime green.

Happy with the airy feeling of the end result.



  1. Helen, can I ask what notebook you decided on and if you still like it? I am always on the hunt for the right tangling notebook to travel with and have few that I really like, let alone love. Any input would be appreciated! -Marcelena

    1. Hi Marcelena,

      Unfortunately, I am going to be hopeless use to you. I am on a constant quest for a good, cheap-ish, low key surface & (if possible) hardcover journal.

      I draw a lot at the moment - starting a new book every 2-3 weeks, so I have to stick to the cheaper journals.

      I would not use another Mont Marte (paper just couldn't take the erasing/colouring that I do - it pilled and dissolved).

      I am currently using a Quill, spiral bound, o.k., but has bleed-through & I don't like how it is bound. I have got a holcroft, windsor & newton, jasart & protext all sitting in my drawer to try out - I have high hopes for the holcroft! If any are stellar performers I will update.

      Good luck!!



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